Foggy Morning After Cashmere

After such a clear and gorgeous bike ride to Cashmere the day before, we awoke to fog and what looked like rain that had just stopped.

The mountains take on a different dimension with the fog.

Here you can just make out the mountain in the background.

I had time to take my daily walk this morning before we would be driving home. What is normally a very busy town during the day and evening, is very quiet at this time of morning.

The other day Susan and I had discovered these bikes that were outside of the Icicle brew pub. I asked the early morning worker about them and he said they are free for anyone who wants to use them. It is totally on an honor system and they don’t lock them up. Seeing all the stickers, and the type of bikes the are, I think Icicle is safe that no one will steal one.

During this walk I found a bus stop with very interesting bicycle station that seems such a great idea. I doubt it would work against thieves in a big city, but a small town like Leavenworth would get good use of it

Room for two bikes.

Tools available.

The other side of the covered bus stop has benches for bus riders waiting area.

We are home now with no immediate plans to return to Leavenworth as Susan’s fly tying class has ended after five weeks of instruction and tying. We have a busy couple of months coming up and I hope to blog about some of it. As well, I like to think I might do some catch up blogging from the past few months ;’-).

Happy Spring to all ;’-)

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