Through Orchards of Eastern WA

I am so very behind in blogging and may try to do some catch up later, but here is our most recent adventure. I am hopeful that this might motivate me to get the oom-pah-pah to do some catch up. For now — here is what we did this week…

I also want to mention that I am trying out my old blog site at blogger: I prefer that format and in the past had to use an app on my IPad to post there, and that app went away. So I changed to this site. I will do both for a while but may change over to the other if it works OK. If you are interested in my blogs, you might want to follow both for now and I will tell you when I decide which to actually use.

Our weekly trip in Leavenworth offered the opportunity for us to extend a day or two, so we took advantage to add a longer ride to Cashmere. There is a busy highway that connects the two towns, but we were able to avoid all but three short stints of that and stayed on back roads.

The roads seemed to be made just for us (or for the farmers I suppose) with little to no traffic, and polite, patient drivers when there was any.

It is early in the season and the tree branches are bare, but there is beauty in that as well. The trees were being tended too and sprayed, and soon the blossoms will be full with another beautiful scene.

We enjoyed all the country-ish things along the way and could not resist a stop for some of them.

Once in Cashmere (home of the infamous Aplets and Cotlets, those horrendous jelly candies), we needed lunch. Susan stopped for a chat with a woman walking her preschooler home and asked for a recommendation. We would NEVER have found this place without those directions. With the somewhat hidden side door entry, and a name like Milepost 111, it seemed like one of those “knock three times and tell ‘em Joe sent you” places.

We had very delicious hamburgers and were very pleased with our meal. And we rather enjoyed the doors to the restrooms.

Our day started with sunshine and mostly blue sky, ended with cloudy sky and heavy headwinds! Next morning showed the rain that had happened during the night and was just beginning to clear. Though we have done this route a few times in the past, it had been long enough to truly enjoy it as if new! Great day.


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