An Historical Ride …. and SNOW

The 50 year old Seattle Viaduct will be destroyed. A new tunnel into town will take its place. It is a HUGE deal around here. The tunnel opens today (2/4) for auto traffic. This weekend there were 30,000 walkers/runners allowed for part of it on Saturday, and 12,000 cylists to ride the entire tunnel and the viaduct on Sunday. We did the bike ride.


I didn’t take many photos, or very good ones, as I was attending to other riders, many of whom were NOT attentive. It was an ‘adventure’ that I am glad to have done, but riding with that many cyclists (some quite inexperienced) is a risk!!

Our intent was to ride to Seattle on Saturday and stay at a hotel for two nights and ride home the day after the Tunnel Ride. WELL!!! SNOW had us change our plans, and fortunately so. Halfway home the snow started.

Here we are on our way to the city on Saturday.

A little blue sky when we got there.  

The next day (Sunday) we left our hotel which was located right at the start of the ride (good planning).

After the ride (no snow, no rain — YAY!), we returned to our hotel and watched the impending snow news. It kept getting worse so we started packing for our departure. We were a little disappointed to have to shorten our adventure in town, but knew better than to stay another night.

We were fortunate for the first half of our return trip, but soon the wet frozen water starting hitting us. It was not that nice, soft, fluffy stuff. No, it was more like pinging needles hitting your face.

We got home in some accumulated snow and felt fortunate to have made it! Near home it did become soft and fluffy and since we were now only blocks from home, we started to enjoy it!

It is still snowing this morning with expected 5-6 inches by the end, and SeaTac Airport has canceled flights!! This is our first snow of the season and it is a good one.

Good to be home safe and warm! Had we not ridden when we did, we would be stuck in Seattle for a few more nights with low temps turning the streets into sheets of ice!

Here it is at our house with about 4 inches and more still falling …

4 thoughts on “An Historical Ride …. and SNOW”

    1. Indeed! An adventure that will not be soon forgotten!!! Very cool to ride through the tunnel as well as both levels of the viaduct. 12,000 riders though was different story!! But I think no major crashes. I saw three relatively minor ones though.


  1. That was QUITE the day and many adventures all rolled into one for you two, with the snow storm chasing you home as well. Glad we all lived to tell the tale, although seemingly that pinging snow knocked you off you feet, (haha)!! Fun pictures, really helped capture the day!


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