A ride in some rain

Believing the forecast for ‘overcast with some sun breaks and little to no chance of rain’, Cindy and I met up for a ride on the Burke Gilman Trail. In that anticipated weather we would ride across the new 520 bridge across Lake Washington, or ride to Lake Union in Seattle, or at the least ride to and around UW campus. Depending on our destination we would amass anywhere from 20-30 miles for the day. HA!

On the trail for about ten minutes, neither of us wanted to say the ‘R’ word as we separately felt the first few misty drops. This was bound to change right? They said! We staunchly continued on for yet another ten minutes before deciding we would stop for tea at the nearby Starbucks. Approaching our tea stop, the rain seemed to be stopping, so on we went once again.

But alas, we were getting wetter and colder as we went. Time to abort our original idea and return to our cars.

All was not lost however as we had a decent adventure for a cold and rainy day.

I found a couple of walls for my ‘Walls Challenge’. The walls of the bike tunnel are whimsically painted for our enjoyment.

A bit further along, in the now actual rain, I stopped to catch this wall.

We had made a stop at the very beginning of our ride and learned some history about the Red Brick Road that we visited.

Note the writing at the bottom on this next poster about the high school students creations,

Here are those sculptures..

We learned quite a bit of history here at the preserved little piece of the Red Brick Road.

By the time we got back to our cars, as Cindy had predicted, the sun was peeking out from the clouds and the rain had totally stopped! Oh well, so be it. We had a good day together and got in a lot in a ten mile ride ;’-)

8 thoughts on “A ride in some rain”

  1. You saw a lot in those 10 miles. What was the Temperature that day?
    I love those murals. Always enjoy seeing them wherever I go.
    Thanks for a great post.


    1. Thanks Meta. The temperature was at about 40 I would guess. That doesn’t sound too cold until you have those cold rain drops pelting on you! We did do a lot in those short miles. Thanks for reading my blog ;’-)


  2. It was rather humbling to stand amongst all that history and try to imagine what life would have been like back in “those days”.


    1. I agree Cindy. What struggles there were back then, and people who lived through it, not knowing anything different, just made it work, and thought little of the hardships.


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