November Was Full of Challenges

As many know, I like doing “challenges” from the saddle of my bike. By challenge, I do not mean competition. Well maybe one of the challenges was just a bit competitive ;’-).

TEANEURING. My first challenge is one I have already blogged about, and one I have done every year for the past five, and have the ‘badges’ to prove it ;’-)

I don’t drink coffee, so my challenge is “teaneuring”. HERE is all about it. Imagine the challenge to ride my bike to 7 different places over 7 weeks of mostly beautiful fall weather for a cup of tea ;’-)

Having already posted about my 2018 challenge (I have yet to get my badge for this year but it is on its way), here is a collage of my stops. Most of my tea shops were in Elk Grove CA while visiting the Grands.

BICYCLE RIDE & SEEK. Next challenge was one I do every month as Randall posts, on facebook, a list of twelve things to find and take a photo of with your bike or part of your bike in the photo. I look forward to the list each month, and have recruited a couple of friends to be my eyes for some more difficult ones to find. I especially thank Cindy for finding quite a few for me each month ;’-)

This is the list from November. Finds need not be in order (thank goodness), and my collage follows this list.

I found them all, and am now on the hunt for December.

RIDE IN THE RAIN. November is notoriously the rainiest month here in the Pacific Northwest. The organization ‘Washington Bikes’, has posted this challenge for the past several years. One can do it as an individual or as a member of a team. Our BIKES club formed a team that we dubbed “The Rainiacs”. This was the one challenge that became somewhat competitive ;’-). Keep in mind that the only thing to be won here is pride in the placement on the leaderboard!

Many members of our team aimed to ride every day of November for this challenge. I succeeded in all but one day and took a photo of something on each day I rode.

Some of the photos disprove that November is FULL of rainy day, and indeed each of us rode in only one day of real rain, and only a few others with semi wet weather.

We did not “win”, but came it second of a whole bunch of teams. The list here shows that we had a moment of glory being in first play just hours before the end of the challenge! This list shows only a few of the 480 organizations (I assume that means teams). There were 3,428 participants for the challenge.

OUTDOOR ART. On another cycling site that I have joined, there are more challenges ;’-). November was to find outdoor art. I include here, most of the art I found while on my bike.

CRANKSGIVING. There is a movement in many states for bike clubs and individuals to participate in this giving challenge. For many years, Susan and I have hosted our Rainbow Rider group for a pre-holiday celebration that includes chili feed, games, socializing, and hiking or biking. This year I introduced CRANKSGIVING as an additional part of the event. Many participated and my hope is that it will grow each year. I took the bike group on a ride and we stopped to deliver some goods; Susan took the hike group and they stopped to deliver as well.

So — November was FULL of challenges!

6 thoughts on “November Was Full of Challenges”

    1. A very eventful month! By comparison this month of December is starting off rather slowly in the bike lane. I guess my body is telling me something ;’-). Thanks for doing many of these rides with me Cindy ;’-).


  1. No wonder you have so many bike miles in November. I liked reading about the various “hunts/challenges” that give so much purpose and reason to go out for a bike ride.
    Thanks for this post Nancy.


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