As I have mentioned in other posts, Sarah and family have moved to Sacramento for what we hope is a temporary move. But, that meant we would not be seeing that family this Thanksgiving. Jenny, Susan’s older daughter, invited us to join them for a family holiday time together. Visiting this family is a little more involved as they live a bit away which includes a ferry ride. So — The bicycling Grandmas start over the river and through the woods to grandchildrens’ house they go.

Deteriorating weather had us change our plan of biking to Edmonds for the ferry. We drove there to avoid potentially stormy weather in both directions.

Waitng for the ferry… bikes go to the head of the line to be loaded first. We (by we I mean Susan) sure are loaded up with stuff for one overnight!

We enjoy some views and water fowl while waiting.

It’s a smooth crossing and within the half hour we are on the road to their house. The road has little to no auto traffic and when we get to the part that is curvy with no shoulder, Susan takes me on a paved trail through the Golf Course.

The trail has me just a touch intimidated! So I walk way too much of it. But the leaves, needles and moss across the curvy path with hidden sharp uphills and down hills, in the very wet conditions spell ‘disaster’ to me. Chalk it up to my accident last spring that involved a fractured pelvis I guess.

We both walk down the hill to cross the slippery bridge.

The trail is just over a mile and a quarter long and we are soon, blessedly, at the end and fairly near their house.

Though I did not take any photos of our delightful dinner that Laurent had lovingly prepared, I did get one of our baker.

Four year old Etienne helped in the kitchen while his two year old brother Andre napped.

We had a delightful Thanksgiving day and evening with family and returned home the next day, reversing our route.

The “shortcut” trail through the golf course did not feel as intimidating this time and I rode just about all of it. Now I knew what to expect around curves and up and down some steep slopes!

Arriving at the ferry a little early, we watched as they were setting up the town Christmas tree in the park.

Then got in line for the ferry that would take us to our car for the drive home.

This was the day after Thanksgiving. I could not resist taking the photo of this when we arrived in Edmonds.

Already ready for the next holiday.

We were glad to have driven to the ferry. We missed the rain in each direction as we rode in the morning. And on each end, the rain began in earnest just an hour after our arrival. A big thank you to Jenny and Laurent for a wonderful family time Thanksgiving.


  1. Children will always keep you young, Susan and Nancy. Your families are a wonderful treat for us all! We had a great Thanksgiving weekend with our boys, and a nice meal on Friday withTyler’s GF family. I had a photo of Arch and Zach sleeping in the back of my car to and from disc golf…will try to send it to you all. They take the pix…I cook. Sunshine here today…heading out before the next rain! Love you both. Happy holidays!

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    1. Thanks Nancy — yes those Grand keep us going! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving as well, and will love to see that photo! You two are special to us and we are so glad to keep in contact. Love to you two as well, and have a grand Christmas.


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