TEANEURING #7 — Back home ;’-)

I had the plan to finish up the 7th, and final, teaneuring outing today and the weather forecast was dismal. My very good friend Cindy agreed to ride with me and we would keep our eyes on the weather, making our riding decision in the morning (today).

It poured buckets of rain in the night and early this morning, as we each checked our neighborhoods for the weather. Waiting a bit longer we saw the ‘sucker hole’ (a ray of sunshine that calls you out to ride and then possibly (often) gets taken over by rain clouds, and you get drenched). We took advantage of that sun and I pedaled over to Cindy’s house to gear up for our plan.

There was this delightful scene just around the corner from me and I took it as a sign of great riding weather. I was not wrong.

We made our way from Cindy’s house to the Interurban trail which we would ride for a short distance. See the shadows from that sucker hole…

Another challenge that I do is a FB challenge called ‘Bicycle Ride and Seek’. Each month there is a new list of twelve things to find on your bike. You must take a photo of each item listed, and be sure to include at least part of your bike. Cindy is always a spy for me for the month, and she helped me find a few items today:

“Something Bath Related” was right in her garage:

“Veterans Memorial” was not far from our tea stop so we wandered over to it and then went for tea:

We had had such a fantastic day of it and mostly in the sun. After tea the clouds started getting thick and seemed foreboding of rain to come our way. We finished up our tea and headed for home.




ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA — tea bag tea that was so-so.



We had locked our bikes to the outside bench, and took an indoor table where we could watch them. A glorious day with a fantastic bike buddy — life is good!!!

4 thoughts on “TEANEURING #7 — Back home ;’-)”

    1. Thanks for reading all my recent blogs Meta. I love sharing my adventures, but often don’t know that many read them. Oh well, it is good for me to write and remember them ;’-).


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