Teaneuring #6 in Eugene Oregon

We need to pick up my battery charger (I have been using Susan’s) from Bike Friday as they did not receive it in time for us when we had the bikes refitted. Since we have plenty of time to get home, we are not in a big hurry and arrived in Eugene on a Sunday when Bike Friday is not open. We will pick up the goods tomorrow morning.

After getting a couple of errands done, we had time for me to complete teaneuring #6.

Susan spotted this place on the way to our hotel, and I was quite pleased that she had had her eyes peeled.

I went inside to check it out and to order my tea. I had some decision making moments.

At the suggestion of the “barista”, I made my choice.

And look at the straws the offer at this place: wheat, paper, biodegradable, and metal. No ocean eating plastic for them ;’-).

I took my tea to the outdoor table, got seated and ready to enjoy my wonderful tea — served in a real cup with its own cloth cup mat ;’-) (and a treat for later).

I looked up and saw this…

Not being a tea drinker or a teaneurer, Susan opted for ice cream from next door. Then I learned just what a haven we had come upon.

And ice cream shop on one side of Oolong Tea Bar…

…and a boulangerie and pizza house on the other side.

A block of all our favorite things ;’-). And Susan took advantage of each one…

…she bought pizza for us to take to our room for dinner, and then surprised me with a lemon cheesecake tart for dessert that she had bought at the Boulangerie. YUMMMMM.

As we started on our way back to the hotel, this was right around the corner…

Having the pizza in tow, we picked up a menu for an option for another visit in the future. I had Susan mark this spot on her GPS as “a decadent block of heaven”.

Standing on that corner I took this photo of a little history.

It started to sprinkle just a few drops as we made our way home. All of this, and I had to take a few extra turns in the parking lot to get my miles up to the required 2!




MEI ZHAN GREEN TEA (the real thing and very good)


OBSERVATIONS NOTED ABOVE. Let me add — this has been my very best stop for teaneuring this year ;’-) ;’-) ;’-)

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