I am not numbering this (as #5) because I consider it a bit of a bust. I will hold it in reserve in case I don’t complete the 7, but will surely aim for three others first.

I had this place in mind.

Seems like a local place, I like the name, no chain, and a table outside in the sun. I arrived to find that they did not open for another 15 minutes. My time was at a premium this morning as I needed to get back to the family in time to load up and drive to a family bike ride outing. So I left Boba Tea House in search the Peet’s I had seen on another day.

However, I was ahead of where I had seen the stand alone Peet’s and Google took me to the one on my route which was in a grocery store (I would not have purposely chosen this one).

I ordered my tea — I had finally remembered to bring my ‘to go’ mug — and a pastry to eat at the outdoor table. I asked for a “couple” of ice cubes as the water is always too hot from the steamer they use for the coffee drinks.


#1 — From past experience with Peet’s, they serve good, loose leaf tea that I have enjoyed. This place had tea bag tea — not what I had expected.

#2 — He had put in so much ice that the tea was hardly more than tepid. I closed up my mug and brought it home to heat up for later (glad I had brought my mug).

#3 — The pastry was just about tasteless and though I ate it all, it was not something I would order again.

TEANEURING #0 (for now)

FRIDAY, October 26, 2018

PEET’S in Elk Grove CA (we leave tomorrow)

ENGLISH BREAKFAST tea (from a tea bag)

TASTELESS, dry pastry

12 miles

I know, I know — I did ride for tea, but my outing was so disappointing that I will only count this one if I come up short by the end of the challenge ;’-0

We leave tomorrow for our drive home, but I have the morning for a potential Teaneuring #5 and may be able to revisit that Boba Tea House ;’-)

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