A couple of days before the family bike outing, Susan and I took Kaitlyn on her own bike trip.

Kate was on her smaller pedal bike, and she did ok, but it was very slow going and she was wobbling all over trying to steer correctly. So for the family outing we took the next size up (which she has just started riding since we have been here) and though I did not get a photo of her actually riding it, she did great, could steer better, and could move much faster.

Once again Susan did her magic to fit 6 of us with bikes and gear into the van and off we went for family fun day. We drove for 40 minutes or so to the Regional Aquatic Center which provided access to the trail.

The day was of course beautiful and the lake was calm.

We saw some kayakers enjoying a day on the water. We also saw some crew racing teams as we think Oregon State was here. We saw their van and assumed some things.

We rode along the Natoma Lake and unfortunately could not continue all the way around as there had been a rock slide, and the trail was closed as we got near to it.

We reached the ‘trail closed’ sign and stopped for a snack and to have a break. Lucy and Jaydon climbed over and back on the barrier wall just because it was there. And they enjoyed balancing on the rocky shore.

While Kaitlyn was investigating Grandma’s pedals, we heard a splash. See those ripples on the lake behind Kaitlyn?

We looked up to where we heard the splash, and there was Jaydon sitting neck deep in the water, saying “I didn’t mean to do that”.

Dripping wet while Mom tries to rearrange him…

Ready to go, we all saddled up and Sarah found she had a flat tire.

As those three attended to the tire, the other two entertained themselves with a battle of sticks.

Successful with tire repair (without even taking the wheel off the bike), pump it up, and back in the saddle to complete our tour.

Each of the Grands had had their own separate fall, two on the paved trail and one in the water. Jaydon says that he did a triathlon — bike-swim-run. Lucy says he was not swimming, he was falling!

All three were troopers and carried on to finish the 8 mile, rolling trail ride. The girls got scraped up and there were a few tears, but they toughed it out and got back on their bikes. So proud of them, and love them so much.

A wonderful last full day for us with the family in Sacramento, California. Susan will have a morning with her flyfishing buddy Lucy at fly tying class today, I will take one more teaneuring ride while they are gone, and then will come our farewells for this time. We know the way now, so returning will be easy ;’-).

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