A Little Ride in Sarah’s Neighborhood

I had some time, but not a lot, before Kaitlyn’s gymnastics class. I didn’t want to miss a minute of that, so I found some roads nearby that would ensure that I could get to the gym on time.

First I stayed pretty much in the immediate neighborhood to explore the ‘lagoons’ and a lake.

I found a rainbow…

I could not find a name for this lake other than what it said on the sign “Private Lake No Trespassing”. I’m not quite sure who it is private to — the immediate houses or the large community — nor what one must do to prove they belong to it — nor if I was trespassing by being on the grounds surrounding it.

I don’t know where the water comes from for this lake as there are no mountains to feed it, and EVERYWHERE else is bone dry.

A nice walkway meanders for a bit along the perimeter, and I did have to get to the lake by riding through a park.

I passed by a group of people who were doing Tai Chi and wished I could join them. If I knew how to do Tai Chi. I would have liked a photo but felt it would be an intrusion to take one of them.

After my lake exploration it was time to head toward the area of Kaitlyn’s gym. I crossed the highway and passed the gym (I was quite early for her class) and continued on this no traffic road. It led me to the Sanitation District and I did not realize that I was trespassing (no wonder there was no traffic). It was a delightful ride and no one stopped me so I continued on.

I had my eyes very peeled, searching all around me, but did not see any wildlife. All I saw — on each side of me was the usual flat, brown, arid fields.

And here was the ‘creek’ I crossed over on a bridge.

This is why I am perplexed about where the water for that lake and the surrounding lagoons comes from. They say that the rain will come from Thanksgiving through February. They will more than need as much as those months will give.

I enjoyed Kaitlyn’s gymnastics class, and later in the day was able to enjoy Lucy at her gymnastics class. What fun to watch them.

2 thoughts on “A Little Ride in Sarah’s Neighborhood”

    1. Well, indeed the rainbow was a surprise find! Pretty cool! I do stretch some of my riding to find different routes without leaving too far afield from home. Most, maybe all, do repeat some of the roads I have already ridden on, but I am truly learning a lot about this area ;’-)


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