Urban Adventure in Sacramento

Recall that Susan has found these urban adventure outings and we have done one in Seattle (on our own) and one in Asheville, NC with our friend Archie. Now we have done one in Sacramento, CA with Sarah and the Grands.

We had to find our way to the starting point and then read the instructions that would start us on our hunt.

We began at the county building right across from the Capitol Building. The square at the county building once had fountains that are no longer functioning, but their structure is still there.

The capitol building is an exact replica of the US capitol in DC. We did a lot of hunting on the campus here. First we would be bewildered by the huge crowd of people walking around looking at their phones, just like us! Could they be on the hunt too? Hundreds of them!

After asking a few people along the way, we learned that this was a Pokémon search that happens here every month! We were pretty amazed by this as we have not seen this kind of crowd engaged in the same thing, let alone in Pokémon.

Onward with our own quest, Susan and Sarah figure out the first clue.

And the Grands experience the surroundings, as only Grands can do.

Kailyn said she had found the “lost globe”.

We even got to see some horses, which pleased Lucy even though she was not allowed to get close to them.

We walked through a rose garden (in October with roses blooming) to get to some statues and sculptures that held other clues. The Vietnam memorial first…

We were able to figure out the answer to the clue rather quickly at the Vietnam stop, but had a little challenge at the Firefighters Statues.

We were to add up five numbers we could find on the firemen. First calculation was incorrect, so we took a clue (losing a few points to do so) and were told to use our creativity. Aha! The hanging jacket and helmet. We lifted up one of the Grands for each of the two hanging jackets and they found numbers on each helmet. We added the numbers again and were correct.

As we got closer to the Capitol, we had a few other things to look at.

The Sisters of Mercy…

The Rotunda from inside…

Isabella selling her jewels to finance Christopher’s trip.

Our hunt would end in Old Town Sacramento.

We would stop to see the pony express,

And stop aboard the River King for our final clues.

We walked back to our van with more than five miles under our feet for this adventure.

Now for ice cream!! We drove to meet Jeremy at the local Gunther’s Ice Cream Parlor. Decadent and Delicious. Sorry — I took no photos ;’-( I guess I was too busy eating).

2 thoughts on “Urban Adventure in Sacramento”

  1. You guys are having such fun! Thank you for sharing, Nancy! Zach and I will have to check out the Urban Adventure when we go to San Jose in December.

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    1. Thank you Nancy. If there is an Urban Adventure in San Jose, definitely do it when you are there. I think Archie may know how to check it all out. We are having fun and are getting a good amount of time with the family. Thanks for reading my blog.


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