Not much to report about the ride to the Corner Bakery. Took my usual route from the house to get there. There was more traffic than I had expected on a Saturday mid-morning run.

My destination was the Bakery that Sarah had suggested for my teaneuring challenge. She was very right! This was a great place with lots of indoor as well as outdoor seating. I chose outdoor where I could sit near my bike.There was no good spot to include my bike in the actual tea photo.

Inside I perused the breakfast menu, and though tempted by some less ‘healthy’ choices, I opted for steel cut oats.

The oats came ‘loaded’ (walnuts, almonds. Craisins, brown sugar and cinnamon). And a ‘crisp bread’ which was very tasty. Maybe not the VERY healthiest breakfast choice, but I at least passed up on all the delicious looking baked goods!

Teaneuring #3

Saturday, October 20, 2018, Sunny of course

Corner Bakery Cafe, Laguna Blvd. Elk Grove, CA

English Breakfast Tea : Misty Leaf brand — a good tea bag brand

8 miles

There was a big Farmer’s Market set up in the parking lot that I think is held every Saturday. Looked like there were lots of good fresh veggie choices.

Several running club members were enjoying the end of their run with breakfast at the cafe. I didn’t really get to talk with any of them, but they were surely having a good outing.

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