As (I think) we all know, I live in the Seattle area and we are here in Sacramento CA (actually Elk Grove, a bit south of Sacramento) to visit the Grands. We will be here for at least another week, and maybe more. My first few teaneuring outings will be around here.

I have not been in this area, so consulted Google Maps to find me a place to have tea (I looked up coffee shops ;’-)). Google found me one that is a mere 2 miles away.

In what I consider its often usual way, Google took me in circles right from the front door. I rode around the block three times thinking I had to have missed the right turn it kept telling me to take. The turn at where maps was pointing was a driveway to someone’s home. After the third loop on the same roads, I decided to take a different road that I am only a bit familiar with. Google caught up with me and we got on track.

The route took me along quiet neighborhood streets on this Sunday morning and I had a lovely, if short, ride for tea. I did end up with 6 miles with the repeat riding around the circle.

It was a delightful spot, and NOT a Starbucks ;’-)


I ordered my tea, took a few indoor photos and went to one of the outdoor tables to sit in the sun (a commodity in Seattle ;’-)). In true Halloween style, there was this fellow…


I know it says DRINK COFFEE…CHANGE THE WORLD —- but look what my tea tag says.

So ends Teaneuring #1, 2018

Rescate coffee shop in Elk Grove CA: a delightful place with really nice staff to serve. Outside seating where I could watch my bike.

Sunday 10/14

6 miles

English Breakfast Tea

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