Old Town Sacramento and American River Trail

Susan and I had a couple of days on our own (gave Sarah a little break too). We drove into town, took Jaydon’s bike to a bike shop for a safety check and adjusting after his great fall. Then on for a walk around Old Town.

At this point of my life, I have seen a lot of “old towns” and know they are a great way to preserve history. They all are basically the same — boardwalks around blocks of shops and maybe a museum or two. We had lunch and did the walks by the shops (I found some socks ;’-)), and headed home.

We had lunch at Steamers…

Old buildings are always an attraction…

Susan wonders if the stage coach will come to transport all the goods she has purchased…

…but alas, only a buggy to transport people arrives.

I asked this guy if there was anything else that we should see in town. He said nope — you folks have seen it all. Time to go home.

We had another evening with the family and more or less pre-packed our gear for an overnight bike outing ;’-). In the morning we hopped on our bikes to follow (what we thought would be) a good route from home to the American River Trail. The road left a lot to be desired as we shared it with fast moving auto traffic, rode in a bike lane that at times was chopped up or littered with debris, and passed through a few derelict-type areas.

At least an attempt at a pumpkin showed up.

No water in the canal, but detritus instead.

It was only 15 miles to get to the trail, but it sure felt longer! But once to the trail we were in a beautiful area. First welcomed by a family of wild turkeys.

And how many of you have ever seen this…

We often see signs that CARS do not stop, but this is a first for us.

The trail meanders and winds through some forested areas, along the American River, and across several bridges.

We got to the town of Folsom and needed to find a hotel. First however, we wanted a local’s input about the proposed route to home. After chatting with several people at the bike shop in town, we were made aware that to follow that route could end up as a suicide ride! No shoulder on a busy high speed traffic route was out!

After (finally) finding our way to a hotel, we worked on revising the return trip. Google map was good to us and brought us home safely. Roads had large shoulders, traffic was light until we got nearer to home, and we had only one or two tricky maneuvers to get across on ramp entrances to highways!! Those were not fun, but we managed.

I did stop for on photo on the return route. Some yard art.

And for the Coffeeneuring fans, I took this one back at the bike shop in Folsom.

We did not make it to the Folsom Trail or Folsom Lake to cross over the Folsom Bridge, but have that on our list for the next time we do the trail, which we will do differently!!

2 thoughts on “Old Town Sacramento and American River Trail”

  1. Looks like an interesting character you are talking with there Nancy…what a stiff though….he could at least have offered you a sip of his beverage there! Hahaha…


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