It’s All About the Grands

This post is more a photo gallery and will most likely be of more interest to me and family than to others, as it should be, since we want to recall every moment.

Our first real full day with the family was Friday. Susan and I loaded up Kate for a ride to the local market while the other two were in school.

We need to load up on experiences and time with these loved ones ;’-). Our first weekend here with them has done just that. The three of them had a Halloween festivity to attend at their school on Friday evening, but of course gathered around me for a story before heading out for their party. They are each and all, story addicts.

The costumed Grands…

The next day we packed up for a drive into Sacramento for the Rio Velo Fest on the river. Amazingly Susan packed all this into and onto our van so not to have to drive two vehicles . Six people, six bikes, and all the accoutrements that go with it.

This is the second annual Rio Velo, and Susan found it on the internet while we were at home prior to the trip to here. We had this plan all along.

Lots of booths of vendors with demonstrations and give always.

And some entertaining happenings.

The Grands rode their bikes through an obstacle course at the Bike Rodeo Station and were rewarded with prizes from the policemen.

The big attraction was the BMX trick riders. Rapt attention by all, and some wanted to hide their eyes at some of the tricks. The performers went on and on for quite a while with each pass mounting to a bigger, and scarier tricks.

They got autographed posters from the daring riders. We took a short ride on the paved bike trail, had lunch from the food truck, and before you knew it, it was time to pack up that van again and head home.

We had another day before they would be going to school on Monday. Susan, Jaydon and I rode from home to the start of a trail, and Sarah drove her van with the others to meet us there.

The trail part was great. Then we got to the not so great highway!! Of course we stayed on the sidewalk to ride, but there was lots of traffic passing us and we had to be very alert for turning traffic. All did extremely well, and we finally reached our destination, the mountain bike obstacle track.

It is a very extensive track. This one is for the big kids…

This one is for the smaller kids…

Jaydon mounts up for the challenge of the big one…

We watched Jaydon ride many successful rounds and he did extremely well. Then —- he took quite a fall, and we heard some crying and yelling. Sarah ran to him and made sure he was basically alright (could walk, etc.) and brought him and his bike off the course.

Jeremy had driven with the family to the trail start and continued on to the ride park so he was there for the rescue. They all piled gear and selves into their van and drove home while Susan and I took a more direct bike route home.

Jaydon has several bruises and scrapes, and a sore mouth around a cut he got near his nose and upper gum. Poor kid! But he asked when he can ride again and has a very positive attitude as he repeats what he has heard from Grandma Susan, that this was a learning experience and will make him better at riding! Amazing kid. He also has learned how important a helmet is!! They all, always, wear a helmet without complaint, but he now has first hand experience as he looks at his scraped up helmet, with a couple of dents in it (those could be unrelated to the fall). Susan has ordered him a new helmet which will arrive here on Tuesday, and he is excited about that.

What a day !

2 thoughts on “It’s All About the Grands”

    1. It is so good to see them and have fun with them. School week now so Susan and I may be doing some exploring in a day or two. Then back here for more Grand fun!


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