Catching Up on September

This post is out of synch in time, but I know I am the only one who cares ;’-)

After my fall to fracture my pelvis on May 28th there was a lull in bike riding and a slow re-entry. It was mid-July before I even started any bike riding, and those rides were slowly built over time. August saw me getting stronger with more rides — short and slow! By September I was really ready to get back at it. So I called on some of those friends and went biking. This will be mainly a photo post of some of what I did in my full ‘come back’ month.

With MY biking friends there is always time to stop for berry picking …

I led a ride for the BIKES club to Mount Vernon (WA) on a sunny Wednesday,,,

I took a couple of solo rides around our neighborhood…

Cindy took us on a ride near UW where we roamed around Magnuson Park …

Susan and I took a drive over to Vashon Island for a visit with our friends Maridee and Laura. They took us on a ride that included a look at the ‘famous’ bike in a tree,,,

On one of the rides I did with Cindy we came upon an obstacle in the trail. Cindy wanted to detour around this fallen tree but I said no! We could make it through. And we did.

Raquel, Cindy and I rode into Everett on the hunt for a Superhero. A photo of a superhero with my bike would complete my Bicycle Ride and Seek challenge for the month. We found him at FUNKO.

Finishing up the superhero ride, we came upon a true tree house …

It had been a grand month and Fall became full bloom…

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