Embracing Fall

Both of these signs were on the fence of the parking lot where several of us gathered for our day ride. And what a day it was! Not a cloud in the deep blue sky, temps in the 70s, and very little traffic on these country roads.

So nice to see the animals too — horses lazing, sheep grazing, cows chewing and alpaca viewing. Oh, and the chickens liked seeing us too! I am trying to embrace Fall as I hold tightly by the skin of my finger tips, onto summer! And this week has been a fine transition to another season. Fall colors are just starting to show, fields are being plowed over

in preparation for different crops, and the pumpkins are appearing. The air is cooler but not quite crisp yet, so we still have a few more warmer bike rides to fit in.

I have the best of friends to bike with, laugh with, and share time with in any way possible. This helps make that transition from my beloved summer a bit easier.

As we rode along on today’s route, I got to stop at a place I have often wondered about. It looked like a gravesite for a family. Today I got a closer look.

Maybe a family. All very young children, each with a different surname. I would love to know a bit of the story behind these over 100 year old graves, and one day may just have to knock on the house door and have a chat! This wasn’t that day.

There were other fall-flavored photos I would have taken, but on a group ride it is about impossible to stop as often as I would want to! There will be other fall photo opportunities on other rides, so I am happy with the day and the friends I got to be with today.

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