Difficult Closure

We are at home now and I have been struggling with posting a closure for this trip. We had a great time with family in both places — Nebo, NC and St. Louis, MO — but each place had it’s tearful moments.

Saying goodbye to the Grands was difficult as they would be moving to their new home in California.

Saying goodbye to Johnny and Phyllis was equally hard as Johnny struggles with health issues which will only have him decline further with time. Living so far away, I am not sure when I will see them both again, and if I do, how he will be doing.

Part of our last day in St. Louis was a visit to Grant’s Farm. It is operated by the Busch Company and is the place where we saw the Clydesdale Horses on our walk a few days ago. We were not sorry that we made this visit, but as Phyllis said …. we were glad it was free.

The bridge on entry was nice…

…and the macaw was colorful…

…the highlight for us was the snow-cone Stand!

Then it was over. We had a nice dinner at home and then got packing.

The next morning I had huge, deep, meaningful, tearful hugs from Johnny at the house and then at the airport. They are both stuck close in my heart. Phyllis is a gem and I am fortunate to have her in my life as well.

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