The (Mississippi) Riverfront Trail

The four of us had breakfast at their local favorite diner which seemed right out of the sixties. After getting directions from Phyllis, Susan and I drove off to an Outlet Mall!! Susan loves to do this at least once when we are on a trip, and we each found a couple of needed items during our shopping adventure. And nothing frivolous ;’-).

We had a slight intention to drive across the river to Illinois for me to bag my 31st state bike ride. But the time was inching into mid-afternoon and the sky was rather dark and rain was threatening, so we opted for the Riverfront Trail in St. Louis.

Our first view of the Mississippi River…

The ride was very short, but was filled with interest. We soon joined Lewis and Clark to the entrance of Missouri.

Susan and I had each, separately, been to the Gateway Arch decades ago, but I had a mild interest in taking a photo of it this time. With all the other things we would be doing while here, the Arch got put way down on the priority list — after all, we have visited sometime in our past lives ;’-).

Lo and Behold — this day’s bike ride would take us right to it.

We took the winding off shoot trail that led up to the Arch and we got close and personal with it. The Arch is so big that it is impossible to get any other perspective of it in a photo. Susan did capture me with a piece of the Arch in the background.

Continuing along the Great Mississippi River, we got a glimpse of the big paddle boat (or whatever they are called) that takes tourists on sightseeing trips.

The other end of the trail had different interesting, and a bit sad, things to see. This was what seemed to be an abandoned industrial area of some sort, although there was a small door or two open at one corner with what appeared to be workmen doing something.

We came to an abrupt end to this spur of the trail and were turned back.

That gave us the opportunity to note a few points of interest that we may have missed had we not taken this route.

This one has been defaced and looks like it was once a very creative sculpture. This area is in a depressed section of town.

This foot bridge is unique… and indeed creative…

With a light rain starting, and clouds getting darker, we made our way back to the car and thus ended our bike ride today. Illinois bike ride will have to wait til another time.

I wish I had found this tee shirt when we were on our shopping outing, or that Susan had found it somewhere on line and had ordered it for me. But she at least sent me the picture she had found somewhere on fb I think.

2 thoughts on “The (Mississippi) Riverfront Trail”

  1. What an utterly sublime trail! So glad you and Susan were able to get a few sightseeing bike trips in. So impressed (again) with your photos, from the Arch and Lewis and Clark (glad they included their dog Seaman!) to the depressed factory area. Kind of spooky, especially the bridge sculpture. Fascinating stuff for sure.


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