St. Louis Zoo …. and Sauerbraten

The zoo is located in Forest Park. Forest Park is huge and in addition to the zoo, it houses the Art Museum, the History Museum, an Arboretum, and meandering bike trails through its many acres, and probably much more. On this trip we would walk miles through the zoo and Art Museum.

Though my feelings about zoos are, at best, mixed, there are some cute things to adore ;’-)

This penguin is very intrigued with the child…

These two are apparently fond of each other…

A few others…

I have never seen this design of a water fountain. Not only is it terribly functional for any and all users, its shadow displays a Happy Face. ;’-)

After our walk around the zoo and a walk through the extensive Art Museum we were hungry. Susan had paid close enough attention to Bob’s talks on our tour yesterday to pick up the 25% German neighborhood. She searched for a German style restaurant where we could possibly get sauerbraten. And she found a good one.

Das Bevo has quite a history and I will not pretend to remember much of what I read about it. Suffice it to say that Mr. Busch (of Annhauser- Busch notoriety) started it way back in the early 1900s. He had it built with a Holland style windmill and a Bavarian theme. The restaurant has gone through changes and nearly went out of business but was bought more recently and brought back to life in 2016.

And the sauerbraten was delicious.

We got a few photos by the big stone fireplace before heading out for a little fun on the grounds of Das Bevo.

Susan thought she could almost fit into these feet…

German dancing at the windmill…

No wonder we enjoyed Das Bevo so much. We learned that it is World Famous… only in St. Louis.

Then home for a restful evening of reading and (for some) napping ;’-)

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