St. Louis visit 2018

Sharing time with my dears Johnny and Phyllis is a big highlight of the summer for me. It has been too many years since I have seen them. They moved here to St. Louis from their home in rural Pennsylvania, and now have a delightful home in Missouri. Johnny is my (deceased) sister’s stepson, and family (especially me) could not get away from calling him “Johnny” rather than John, as others call him. It is an endearing name, and he is so dear to me. More like a brother than anything else.

The four of us took a walk along the Grant’s trail just a mile or so from their house.

There is the Budweiser farm here where they breed Clydesdale horses. After a certain age, the horses must pass some kind of “test” to become eligible to join the team that pulls those beer wagons we see in advertisements. We didn’t go into the gardens so I did not learn very much about the process, but seems it would be quite interesting. Perhaps next time ;’-).

The minute I had my camera in focus and tried to take their photo, the horses turned around for me. They seem to stay in “clumps” and when one turns or moves, the others do the same thing.

At least in this next shot you get to see those tell tale feet.

The next day Susan and I took the (20 year unused) bikes from the garage to the bike shop for just a little bit of tender care, and then rode along this same trail and went, not far enough but a little further.

The reason we could not bike far enough that day is because we had to get back home and ready for our next adventure.

Here is what Susan wrote in an email to family, and it pretty well describes our adventure with Bob who gave us detailed orientation of the cultural/racial issues that abound just about in every city. This one was about a piece of St. Louis.

Today we did a very short ride on Grant’s Trail – 12 miles before heading to the light rail to go to Washington University for a 3 hour bus tour with freshmen, for an orientation with Nancy’s nephew’s wife’s brother as the guide. He, Bob Hansman, is a teacher in the architecture school, but his degree is in fine arts and he is quite an artist and social activist. Our tour was of the impoverished areas with social commentary about the history of St Louis and Missouri and relating it to the present. It was truly fascinating and made one quite uncomfortable.  We then went to Imo’s for pizza (very good) and Ted Drewes for dessert (wow)! 

The only photos I was able to get came after the bus tour and walking to the light rail.

They call it WashU.

They are the WashU Bears.

Phyllis and her brother Bob.

Oh yes… and during our bike shop activity, Susan was able to visit two Fly Fishing shops. At one, where she made what I am sure was very needed purchase, she was able to sign up for a fly tying class for that evening. She was in her glory as she learned to tie a couple of different flies.

We will be off for some city touring with Johnny and Phyllis one day and on another we will attempt more bike riding ;’-).

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