Sad Goodbyes at Lake James 2018

Denial is replaced with reality which hits us directly in the heart. Sarah, Jeremy and the Grands will not be returning to Washington, but to their new home in Sacramento. We are sad but know they will be happy and we will be visiting them down there for some new adventures.

Three year old Kaitlyn gives her hugs…

Six year old Lucy gets her hugs…

And nine year old Jaydon gets his…

We said our goodbyes to all the family and hope we didn’t miss anyone. We made SURE not to miss Carol and Bill.

I’m hoping for some group shots of dinner when Sarah has time to send them to us, but here is a sample:

Sally had so many adventures planned for this family gathering! Right before the farewell dinner everyone got to go to Club Lake James which is a private country club kind of thing. HUGE swimming pool, small beach, and lots of outdoor activities available to all. Sally and Rich had bid on this adventure at a silent auction and won the prize. They shared it with all of us.

The evening before our farewell dinner (after the Mudder run), we were swept off to the winery. ‘Chicago’ was the planned movie to be shown that night, but technical difficulties made it be more like ‘The Night Chicago Died’. Apparently it has never happened before, but the DVD of the movie would just not work.

We chose our dinner selection from the food cart, shared wine and stories, and walked around the grounds. The kiddos had some great fun as they ran around with light sticks attached to various body parts, and shooting up the lighted, battery operated colorful rockets that Nancy and Archie had ‘donated’ for us to add to the fun.

We packed up everyone and headed home for the night.

Throughout this entire family reunion, I felt that I was in a movie about family reunions — people arriving from different points across the country at different times; family hugs and family differences; chatter and laughter; activities enjoyed by each and all at their choosing; farewells and departures with questions of ‘when do you leave?’ ‘What flight are you on?’ Where are you heading to?’.

And those tearful heavy hearted goodbyes …

Until next time everyone, stay safe, happy and well. We love you all.

4 thoughts on “Sad Goodbyes at Lake James 2018”

  1. What a glorious week you’ve had, the sweet and the bitter. So hard to say goodbyes…but love the rainbow at the end of the story! 🙂


    1. VERY hard to see them go. We will miss them SOOOOO much! They lived a mere 7 mile bike ride from us and we were there often. But yes, future trips to do ;’-).


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