On The Lake at Lake James (2018)

Before the thunderstorm hit in the late afternoon, everyone had fun doing something in or on the lake.

Lucy had her first time jump from the high dock. At the last reunion (2015), brother Jaydon did his first jump at age 6. This year, at age 6, Lucy does her first jump. Scary the first time, now it is second nature and they jump time and time again.

Lucie pulls and pushes Auntie Jenny around in the lake.

Etienne intently watches Uncle Jeremy doing something.

If no one will through the ball for Charlie, he pushes it off the dock himself and dives after it.

Susan baits a hook with a worm for the little ones to go fishing off the dock or on the kayak she pulls around in the coves. And they even caught fish!!

Lucy, Charlie, Andre and Jaydon on the dock.

Susan gives a lesson. And Charlie jumps in again.

Mary watches it all from the comfort of the docked boat.

Time for a sail says brother Bill the sailor. Lucy prepares to “crew” at the mast.

Bill, Darlene and and Lucy sail off into the wilds of Lake James.

Back at the house — the porch before swimmers come back…

…and as they return…

After all this activity, and before dinner, the decision is — we need ice cream! A drive into Morganton for our frozen treats.

Bill fills his time while waiting for everyone else to get ready to go to town.

Rolled and Toasted — ice cream made before your eyes on on a slab and then (literally) rolled into “tootsie roll” like shapes before lining them into a cup and topping it with your choices.

Darlene shares a taste while Lucy waits for hers to be served.

More about this photo later…

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