And Then There Was The Mudder

The Ohana Mudder. Ohana means family in Hawaiian.

Sally had researched and registered for the family to participate in this – umm – fun run ;’-).

We drove to the start of the event and walked across a field to the start line.

Carol and Bill lead the way…

After picking up the packets and swag, it was time to tie one on. A tutu that is. Recall the last photo in the previous post. Carol, Sally and Jenny worked on the tutus ahead of time to be ready for the day.

Jeremy tried to wear his on his head. Didn’t work.

The ten who participated were in fun spirit at the start line. Note that neither Susan nor I are in this photo ;’-).

Now the real fun would begin in full force.

They would slosh through puddles…

…try to “run” up slippery hills…

…jump over hurdles…

…apparently float in a river with tubes and noodles they were handed along the way. We were not in a place to see this stunt.

They made it to the top of a near to us hill before sloshing down a slide to the drink station. The same 10, looking a bit worse for wear than at the start. But still (almost) all smiling!

Getting to the drink depot, they were now three quarters of the way to the end.

Almost there now. Climb the Human Wall, do the Leap Frog, and you have made it!



Bill (he said he is glad for the challenge, but it was harder than he thought it would be — he’s in his 80s!) completed it with flair. Grandson Michael rinses off the mud at the end of the challenge.

And that was just the morning! Muddy people rode home in the back of the pick up truck (this IS North Carolina), the dry people drove vehicles or were passengers inside a vehicle. Once back at the lake they all jumped in for a first cleansing.

2 thoughts on “And Then There Was The Mudder”

  1. That was fun just reading and seeing it. They were all good sports specially the 80 year old. I can’t imagine doing anything like that.


    1. I have to sat that I was not sorry to miss doing this one! Bill is more like 85, and though he said afterwards that it was harder than he thought it would be, he did a great job of it. Had support and assist by family where needed.


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