A Day In Asheville NC (with Archie)

Coming to NC for Susan’s family reunion, we knew we could have time for a visit to see Nancy and Archie who live near Asheville. We met these two friends on our bike tour in Wisconsin — you can read about it in an earlier post. Archie is the one who could not keep himself from being helpful to anyone who needed it.

Before getting to their place however, we first had a visit and lunch with Susan’s Aunt Carol and Uncle Bill. It is always a treat to see them as they are special to both of us. It’s just that Susan has had more time to know them — I am a little envious ;’-). We would be with them again soon at the reunion.

After catching up with each other and a delightful dinner at Nancy and Archie’s, he took us for a trip around their 60 (!) acre property in the “Mule” (the 4×4).

Sixty acres is a LOT of property to care for, and they do it well (with just a little outside help). Their “homestead” is nestled in the valley of Blue Ridge Mountains, and we got a view of those mountains at one end of the property.

The following day we would have our adventure in Asheville. Unfortunately Nancy could not join us on this day as she would be having time with her son in Knoxville, enjoying her birthday kayak date with him.

Our Urban Adventure Quest showed us a lot of corners of the the city that we had not experienced on our visit here a few years ago.

Our first quest was to count how many animal prints there were in the pavement. Susan and Archie made a valiant effort — and then we discovered that the first question did not come up on our list! A technical flaw (we reported later).

Ok so — this quest. Susan has found an online challenge thing that you can get for your phone and follow along for adventure in different cities. We did one in Seattle this past fall, and this is our second attempt. There are around 18 spots that you look for and answer a question about. It is great fun and was a really fun thing to do with Archie. Plus, knowing Asheville as well as he does, he could find the areas rather quickly. It was finding the answers that took us a bit longer ;’-).

One of the statues we found had a letter in her lap from her husband who was away fighting the war. We had to read the letter for the clue, then adventure around the park for other answers.

We enjoyed more of the scenery of the city as well.

This fountain was interesting.

Thomas Wolfe is an icon in Asheville. He was born here, attended UNC, wrote several novels, and died quite young at age 37 from TB of the brain (I think). One of our answers was hidden in a room of the house. We could view the room only from the outside looking in from the porch.

The final quest on our list was to take a selfie and post it on a social media site. For me — that is here ;’-).

Successfully completing the quest, Archie drove us to the “best taco” place in town for lunch. At an outdoor table by the river, we enjoyed what Susan agrees was her best taco ever. I agreed that the tacos were very good.

Now it was time for a tour of the Belgium Brewery.

Belgium Brewery began in Fort Collins Colorado, and has now expanded to most (or maybe all) of the 50 states.

There were several drinking stops. And these two seem to be enjoying their tastes! And the bars did not go dry!

We both took the option of the slide to get down to the lower level.

There were several spots throughout that had places set up for what would appear to be 3-D photos.

And then the day was done and we said our farewells to Archie until next time.

4 thoughts on “A Day In Asheville NC (with Archie)”

  1. How FUN is that!! Never heard of that phone challenge, what a great way to explore a new city. And going down that slide…you two are really young at heart!


    1. The challenge is a great way to see a city. We are disappointed there is not on in St. Louis. There is a cost to it, but it is worth it. Young at heart ;’-))))


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