I take it as a sign

First, I came across this on facebook….

It may well become my mantra for my bike riding…

I have not stopped, and tried not to stop (much) through my weeks of healing! And now I will keep going and not whine about how slow I am. Or at least not whine much!

I love to be a Flaneur (a saunterer, a stroller, a loafer). Though this may not in real be a verb, I like to think of many of my rides as “flaneuring”. So I have taken liberty to play with this word and make it kind of my own.

I did a bit of flaneuring today and found some bright and meaningful words…

Sometimes at the darkest moments, remembering these words and all their brightness must bring some light and a lot of hope to our souls. These stones were near the entrance door of the elementary school where I often visit the garden.

As I kept riding, I came upon a wishing well.

I did not toss anything into this mini-well, but I know that wishes can come true. After all, I am back riding my bike again ;’-).

One more as an offer of calm…

A delightful solo ride on a refreshingly cool day brought me much comfort.

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