One said 6 to 8 weeks; one said 8 to 12 weeks

At the end of last week I raised my arms to the sky and shouted “I AM HEALED”!!!

My first orthopedist (in the hospital) said I would be healed in 6 to 8 weeks. And though Susan thought she had heard him mumble something about December (what??), I took his word of 6 to 8.

My next orthopedist (for my final X-ray at week 7) said I was stable enough to do anything I wanted to do, but it would be three months before I was back to what I was before the accident. I took that to mean three months from the accident and not from this visit.

My PT said, no less than 8 to 12 weeks to healing.

My shouts of I AM HEALED were at the very end of eleven weeks. On that day I had no pains and could walk up steps without use of a cane for the first time. OH YEAH! Therefore, I will not be doing “updates” of my progress from here on because —- well, I have progressed ;’-).

I did some short rides around home while still healing.

Here is another favorite yard ornament on my route.

And here is another of the statues at the library.

And a little nearby waterfall for fun.

Then came the camping trip. We would take the two 3-year old Grands on this outing for two nights of camping at Birch Bay. Our thinking was that the two older Grands (Jaydon and Lucy) very often get to go on adventures with us and it was time to give some opportunity to the younger ones — Kaitlyn (Sarah & Jeremy’s) and Etienne (Jenny & Laurent’s).

They are so adorable! And as cute as they are, that is just how frustrating they can be!! If you have not had the experience of camping with two 3-year olds, let me suggest that you give this opportunity a miss! They loved it! Me — hmm, I am the first to admit that I have little to no patience with little ones. These two would go from sweet, loving cousins playing so well together one minute, to bickering, bossy, pay no attention to directions the next.

Overall however, it was a fine adventure for them — and I was fine once they were asleep for the night (not always a smooth transition from the day’s activities).

Birch Bay has a lot to offer for our Grands. We had a swimming pool at the campground, bike rides around the campsite, a bike trip to the beach for a picnic, further to the ice cream store and back to a playground before heading “home”.

In case of an emergency we know where to head.

At the campsite Etienne and Kate joined forces to capture the old lady and steal her pie! Though Kate told her mom, afterwards, that this was make believed, Etienne insisted that he saw the old lady. He said that Kate was to tie her up with the rope they had and he was to take the pie and run.

Here they are awaiting the old lady to pass by their tree.

Riding along the beach we watched the seagulls, took in a few sights and arrived at the best destination they could wish for.

Once home, I was able to do a few more local rides and even a “group” ride with three of my dear friends, Cindy, Kathy and Brenda.

In my neighborhood ;’-)

And around the airport again..

My friends and I took our ride along the Burke-Gilman trail to have lunch at Metro Market (one of our favorites).

The river was calm and the trees along the trail shielded us from a broiling sun.

I had to point out this plaque along the trail. People who care about the trees.

This brings me up to date now and ready for blogging over the next couple of weeks: our trip to North Carolina and St. Louis MO, and our three Grands moving away. More later ;’-). At least you are done reading from me whining about my injury. I AM HEALED!

7 thoughts on “One said 6 to 8 weeks; one said 8 to 12 weeks”

  1. It really has been an amazing journey to watch you in this healing process and overcome some pretty hard stuff along the way and now…look at you go!! 🙂


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