Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I wish I could automatically have this optimistic outlook…

…but no — I whine and moan and complain to Susan. Why am I not healed yet? Why is the pain here and here rather than there (where I expect it should be)? Why do I still have so MUCH pain? Susan patiently listens to me and nods or gives me some words of encouragement. And I try to move on.

Remember that Pacing Yourself thing? Well, I wasn’t. And it caught up with me. My body painfully told me to back off, settle down, relax a bit, and be patient. I am listening as best I can, and have taken a step back in my activities with less time and less intensity as I continue on the healing journey.

Shorter yoga sessions with very easy poses; less time in the pool that causes me to bounce and jump too much (even in water it pounds my injured part); shorter and less often walks; and much shorter bike rides (16 miles proved too much).

This week I have been doing solo rehab bike rides every day. Five miles grew to seven and now, at the end of this week, to ten. On each day I looked for a photo to take that would mark the day. It gave me something to focus on, and to not think of the fact that I am riding such short rides. And would give me something to share here.

The Boeing Field and county airport is always a nice ride for me that offers flat roads with no traffic and some things to look at.

Another day I rode through the library and enjoyed the several sculptures that are there. Here is one of them.

Riding around the neighborhood, I now avoid all but the slightest inclines so not to put pressure “there”. One of my favorite yard ornaments is this little boy.

Many of the homes have beautiful gardens and flowers. I am not a Gardner (I always say it skipped a generation from my mom), but do so appreciate those who are.

And on this day, I shared valuable time with the Grands who will soon be moving away from us. Gotta get every moment we can!

Thanks to Grandma Susan, Kaitlyn has learned to use her pedal bike and is very proud.

Lucy & Jaydon are very accomplished cyclists.

I may have posted this “paper” airplane before, but it is quite the attraction as I pass by on my way home from this loop ride.

I extended my ride one day to include a loop through the elementary school for a look at the garden. It appears quite lush for the summer, and they have added a sign.

In addition to gardening, the teachers use it for some arts and crafts opportunities as well.

Today was my final day of this week of rehab rides, and I did ten miles feeling quite good — during and after! I took the path that winds behind the high school with a stop at the softball field.

One day this week we had the Grands here. These loved kiddos will be moving to California in a mere two weeks.

I see some time for us in Sacramento in the future!

4 thoughts on “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back”

  1. Dear Nancy Two-step, I am sure I have met someone more neurotic than I. But, I am not sure. Deb and Vince are visiting for a week. Love you and keep up the good work. O, you are both gonna miss those kids. Bill



    1. Little wonder that we are close friends!! OH YES, we will miss those kids soooooo much. Will have to go down there often, but not too often!!! Hi to Deb. Enjoy her visit.


  2. Doing the Cha-Cha…love it! You are getting there though, slowly but surely… but surely more slowly than you’d like, ha… Can’t wait for our first ride together soon. Loved all the pics, especially those cute little kids. What happy smiles there all around!


    1. Thanks Cindy. Indeed it is surely more slowly than I like! But so it goes. I want so much to be out there biking with you again. The time will come, I keep telling myself!


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