Leavenworth Fishing, Bikes, and Beach

Since being here a couple of weeks ago during the kid’s festival with fishing involved, Susan has been wanting to have the Grands here, especially her fishing buddy Lucy. Jaydon had a Mariner’s baseball game to attend with his dad and he would be coming up with them on Saturday, so we had the two girls with us this time.

There was success for Grandma with Lucy wanting to fish for hours!!

There was success for Lucy who particularly loved this fishing day as she caught five (5) fish! One was too small to keep, but the other four served to supplement lunch for everyone.

Kaitlyn tried a bit of fishing but soon got bored. I took her over to the Pump Track where she rode countless times around the track and loved it.

After the fishing and biking, Susan (Grandma) took the girls for some time at the beach while I did a little bike ride.

Although I did a little riding on that day, most of my biking was done early morning on the following day (Saturday). I love early morning riding and missed the major heat of the day as I rode out of the garage at 8:00.

I never tire of the scene of the surrounding mountains…

…or anything bike related.

I took a turn through the Sleeping Lady grounds and stopped to look at the crows.

My next destination was to meet Susan and the girls at their McDonald’s breakfast outing.

Here is proof that I am indeed back on the saddle again!

A few spins around town, a stop at Starbucks, and an additional two mile ride up to Phil’s house rounded out my biking for the day. The other part of Lucy and Kaitlyn’s family (Sarah, Jeremy and Jaydon) arrived at lunch time to enjoy having our meal on the porch, and looking out at the mountain views. Lucy was proud to pass around her fish, (cooked by Grandma on the grill) to lots of oohs an ahhs and thank yous from us all.

Susan and I will be leaving for home in the morning, Sarah and family will be staying another night as they have plans to go to the annual Sound of Music play this evening, and we will be saying farewell to Mary and Phil til next time.

2 thoughts on “Leavenworth Fishing, Bikes, and Beach”

  1. Such a wonderful time was had by everyone. All of you got to do what you enjoyed most.
    Congrats to Lucy to catch that many fish and b able to serve four of them at lunch.
    Nice going Lucy.
    Happy to read you are on your bike again Nancy.


    1. Oh Meta — thank you so very much. We were each and all so happy to be doing what we like doing!! I so appreciate your notes and emails, and that you read my blog. Hugs to you Meta.


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