…and More Pedaling

It was not quite a “struggle” to get on my bike this morning at 8:45, but at the beginning my heart was just not in it! I had a couple of errands to do, and that is always a good goal for me for riding near home. It did take almost two miles for me to start enjoying the ride.

But let’s backtrack a little.

On my birthday (Monday), Jan and Char took me (and Susan) out for a birthday breakfast at the Oak Tree Cafe in Sequim. It serves the best food and was a place that was new to us. Upon leaving the parking lot with our goodbyes and to get on our way, I was given this great mug as another gift! Too generous, but I accepted it graciously.

We got to Jenny’s in the afternoon and, while Andre napped, we took Etienne on a scoot bike ride to the beach. It was not easy to hit stones with that minuscule piece of driftwood!

And guess what dinner was!! Crabs!! YAY. Laurent had gone salmon fishing on this opening day, but caught only crabs and no (legal) salmon. So I reaped the benefit. So sorry that I did not get a photo of the pile of fresh cooked crabs in the middle of the table! Then we had birthday fresh fruit topped cheesecake, and gifts!

New knee socks. These are compression socks, and depict crabs — wonder why.

We spent the night with them and took both boys on a morning walk before our departure for home.

I cannot imagine having a better birthday day — early morning picking raspberries in Char & Jan’s garden, and cherries from their tree while being serenaded by the surrounding birds (or were they scolding me for picking “their” fruit!?!); a wonderful breakfast with dear friends; fresh caught crab for dinner with dessert and gifts to follow; and spending time with two grands who loved us being there.

Back to this morning.

I ended up enjoying my morning seven mile ride at glacial speed, AND enjoyed riding my Bike Friday under my own pedal power (that makes 11 miles with the 4 from the ODT trail). Granted I avoided any hills I could bypass, and rode along at an enjoyable pace. I rode up to the bank and then on to Starbucks for a well deserved tea ;’-). All was and is well, so I have asked Susan to put my bike in the van to take with us to L’Worth where I will do another easy short ride or two. Yep — back to Leavenworth with the two girls (Lucy & Kaitlyn) for more fun. The rest of the family will come up on Saturday and we will come back home to allow them their time with Aunt Mary & Phil.

I forgot to ask Susan to take my photo with my bike as I either left home or returned home, but will be sure to include one from a ride in Leavenworth.

Things are definitely looking up!

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