No Time for Moping…

As we keep moving I have had no time to mope about my injury (I believe that is part of Susan’s plan).! And this week has been another busy one.

Jenny came over with Grands Etienne and Andre to spend the day and the night so we could all attend Lucy’s pony rodeo ;’-). Susan got to play with the boys on and off their bikes as they enjoyed the sunny early evening, while I went off to meet my friend Diane for an evening at the theatre to enjoy Hairspray.

The next morning we drove up to Mount Vernon for Lucy’s second annual rodeo. She loves her horse camp week and was fortunate this year get her pal “Walter” again. Walter is a 12 year old Shetland Pony (we learned from Lucy) and Lucy really likes riding him. We thought Lucy had learned some good riding skills last year, and she improved even more this year.After saying our goodbyes to everyone, Susan and I drove directly to Whidbey Island to take the ferry to Port Townsend. From there we continued our drive to Sequim for some valuable and fun time with our friends Jan and Char. If someone asks me when the last time was that I did something for the first time —I can say on July 14, 2018. Jan took me as her guest on a Miata Rally around Vashon Island.

This is Classic Red, Jan & Char’s Miata.

We started out with six Miatas of various years and colors, and gradually accumulated a few more drivers along the way to bring the number to ten.

Interloper is what they call cars that get into their line while driving. I introduced myself as an interloper but guest of Jan’s for the rally. We spent a good part of the day driving all around Vashon with rest stops, overlooks, and a nice long picnic lunch at the beach before ending at the ZuZu ice cream store ;’-). ZuZu chalk board indicated that they give free ice cream cones for your birthday. I took a chance and asked if my birthday on Monday qualified. The young ice cream scooper smiled, said yes and “Happy Birthday”. Quite a treat.

While Jan and I were doing all this driving, Char took Susan out on their boat to do some crabbing. Char’s nephew Mike helped with the navigation to find good crabbing spots, and to handle of the boat.

They caught a few crabs, but only one was of a keeping size. Susan and I enjoyed that later in the evening.

On our final day with our friends, we all went out on the boat to pull the crab pots. Once again we got one keeper (the others were either female or too small).

A little walk around the homestead in the morning.

We say goodbye on Monday morning as we drive on to Jenny’s for a little time at their house. One night there and we will return home to prepare for ANOTHER trip to Leavenworth. More about that later.

My final orthopedist visit was on Friday prior to our drive to horse camp. It was a good visit.He looked at and showed the X-ray, felt around and pressed around the pelvis and said I am stable and can do anything I want (except no jumping or running!!). I can bike any time he said, but I will wait until I have zero pain — which seems will come soon. He said stable and healing well, but it would be about three months until my pelvis is back to what it was.

My PT on Thursday had said to use the cane until I do not limp. That was good advice, and I am able to do that for part of my day. PT also said he had to see the word “stable” before he would say I could do more than he was giving me to do. That was prior to ortho. So — I am well on the mend and in another week or two will do a very short, flat and easy bike ride. Susan has agreed to go with me for a flat ride around our neighborhood for maybe 5-8 miles. That will give me a good feel for it, and will build my confidence.

4 thoughts on “No Time for Moping…”

  1. Happy Birthday Nancy!!!! July birthdays are always great! I have to wait til the end of the month but that’s fine with me! Glad to hear the news you are almost back on your bike! Stay safe & enjoy your new helmet!!!!! Need pictures to see the new one —— I’m looking for a new one for my moped! Keep staying busy & enjoying life! Especially enjoy that Birthday!!!!!


    1. Oh Cindy thank you so much. And an early Happy Birthday to you ;’-) I will post a photo of my helmet later. Stay safe on that moped!! Thank you for continuing to follow my blog.


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