Pacing ….. myself

I have had many good suggestions and encouragement from friends that I have thoroughly appreciated. There is one in particular that has deeply resonated with me. My friend Kathy R said to me, when I whined about some pain and impatience, “pace yourself”.

Such simple words. And they really do mean the same thing as “take it easy”, “don’t push too hard”, “back off a little”, “give yourself more time”. But somehow “pace yourself” is a more positive action for me. It is a way that feels like something I can DO rather than not do, and is totally in my control.

For the past several weeks now I have been pacing myself and not sitting idly by to take it easy. I have gradually increased my at home yoga time (skipping those things I feel I cannot or should not do – by pacing myself); have attended a few aqua aerobics classes (wearing a waist float belt to pace myself by being more afloat and not weight bearing); have continued to take walks around home (short some days, longer on others — keeping my pacing self in mind). And after any activity I have rested!

This pacing myself is a winner! Thank you Kathy.

Susan and I have been in Leavenworth for the past three days and having a nice change of venue with some activity thrown in. I even got to go to a water aerobics class with Mary (Susan’s sister) in the outdoor pool at the city park. We have been in Leavenworth many times for family gatherings and for visits, so I have done a lot here. Water aerobics at the city park was a first and quite a highlight. Meeting some of Mary’s aerobics friends added to the experience.

Walks are not the same as bike rides (!) but I do look for photo ops.

A simple weathered mailbox on my around home walk.

We had wished we brought the Grands with for them to join the 4th of July kids activities, especially the bike parade and the fishing pond. We didn’t make it for the bike parade, but at the fishing pond I could not resist this little fisher girl…

Susan took me on more of a walk around a small loop on Bluebird Island. And look…

We were in treacherous territory! Just a week and a half ago a couple came face to face with momma bear while walking right where we had walked. Their walk was at dusk and the bear was warning them (says the local newspaper and local residents) to stay clear. That couple was as scared as I would be to come so close (about 15 feet they say) to a baby-protecting momma bear!!

We made visit to the Fish Hathery by car — I normally do that by bike — and found this Beaver Project exhibit.

We searched for Tripod in his little hut…

Seeing all of the limbs and twigs, we figured that Tripod must be nearby… and lo…

After a drive along Icicle Road and a stop at Sleeping Lady for an ice cream cone, we returned to town and did a short walk around. Typical sightings in Leavenworth.

Now we are at home, will have some time with the Grands these couple of days, and be off again for adventures with friends in Sequim. As far as my healing goes — I am STILL healing! Still using the cane and having ups and downs with pain. I will see the orthopedist at the end of this week, have another X-ray done, and see what he has to say. My spirit is at times all over the place from up high feeling good, to down rather low when I have pain that I feel I should be done with.

Until next time — Thank you Mary and Phil for use of the condo, sharing dinner with us, and for the water aerobics class.

4 thoughts on “Pacing ….. myself”

  1. You’ll get there Nancy! I had a crash in Door County and luckily just ended up black & blue and a couple jammed fingers. Lucky to have my helmet on when I heard it hit the concrete. My bike cost me a few bucks to straighten out my wheel and front brake lever but luckily no Dr visits for me. Boy, things can happen fast! I have been out on bike trails the last 4 out of 5 days and I think we are both like new again. Pacing yourself sounds like excellent advice and sounds like you are surrounded with friends so you are lucky!!!! Happy July!


    1. Hey Cindy — sounds like your accident was recent. So glad that you and your bike are fine! I agree about wearing a helmet — mine had a crack that would have been in my skull had I not been wearing it. Things like crashes do happen so very quickly!! Out on bike trails will be my first rides once I can get in the saddle again! Thanks for reading Cindy, and for your encouraging words.


  2. Good to hear that you are making such good progress! Yes, the concept of pacing is much better than trying to not do too much. It’s an active approach. I like that.

    You certainly are active and surrounded by friends – just not on your bike yet. That will come!


    1. Thanks Suzanne. I surely agree that Pace Yourself is so much better and a more positive way of looking at it all ;’-). I am very fortunate to have these loving and caring friends.
      This morning I was telling my water aerobics instructor that I thought I should be healed by now (6 weeks) and she laughed at me! “Who told you that?”: she asked.. “yourself?”. “Maybe when you were 14 you could heal in three weeks! You are doing really well, but you need more healing time.” That actually encouraged me ;’=)


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