The Ride I Didn’t Do

More like the ride I Couldn’t do ;’-(. But it was a great weekend with lots of fine friends.

Shelly had arranged for us (The Rainbows) to participate in the “Ride The Willapa” ride (held annually near this weekend of June — 23/24) and do it our way. The organized ride started in Chehalis where riders loaded their gear onto a truck for transport to Rainbow Falls State Park where they would camp for the night. They would return to Chehalis the following morning.

Our group of 13 plus 2 Grands chose to camp the first and second nights at Rainbow Falls. We arrived at different times on Friday evening to set up our campsites and gather for Shelly to give us details for the ride and provided meals, and for our own socializing.

All but Lucie J (who is sidelined with a severely broken finger) and I saddled up for the ride on Saturday morning. I was happy for them, but it was a little hard to watch them take off for a day of cycling. Even though the trail is not paved (not my choice of terrain), I longed to be riding.

Lucy starts out in the lead of this fine group.

Soon Jaydon arrived at the front.

Those Grands are quite impressive on their bikes. Not only are they accomplished in safety and bike handling, Lucy (age 6) and Jaydon (age 9) rode 20 plus miles with the rest of the gang. They are awesome.

The route took them by several (maybe 4) rest stops with food and drinks, and into a dairy farm where they got more treats and the opportunity to pet the calves.

Here’s the cycling group……. without me ;’-(

Lizette takes a turn at feeding one of the calves.

The riders enjoyed the country setting and open farmland.

After the ride we gathered for dinner, and a campfire.

I must thank others for these photos I am posting. I did not take any as I was not in any good position to do so.

After liz left early on Sunday morning, the moving crew carried Kristi’s tent down to camp with us in our spot. Made it seem a bit less lonely once everyone else departed after breakfast.

We all enjoyed the weekend even though I did have a little self-pity party as we were packing up on Monday morning. I do continue to get better, and as of this week I am using the cane only (no walker). That feels quite good but still, I have my up and down days with some minor pain to some moderate pain. I like the minor days, not so much the moderate.

I am gradually adding a little more movement (went to aqua aerobics this week) and trying to stay cognizant of not overdoing it (I think I did a little during aqua aerobics). Yesterday I walked our quarter mile cul de sac (big outing) and will plan to do that a couple times a day as my body can tolerate it. I get in short sessions of “chair yoga” (at home) and am about to try some short full yoga sessions, skipping some parts. I am thinking that in another 3-4 weeks I might just be getting back on a bike if only for a very brief moment!!

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