I’m Out to Lunch (x2)

What a good week I am having! Kathy R came by for a visit, Dorothy stopped in with goodies and flowers from her garden, I got to see Lucy and Kaitlyn perform in their gymnastics demo, I picked up the cane for my next advancement, I met Bill for lunch in Edmonds and met up with most of the Swissies for lunch in Everett! I’m a lucky gal.

Beautiful flowers from Dorothy’s garden.

And on Wednesday I drove for the first time in three weeks! First I had to practice in the garage. How do I get the walker into the car to a place where I will be able to get it out of the car when I get there? And can I do this on my own?

The answer is yes to everything. Now I am an independent driver ;’-)

Practicing with the cane.


Walking by cane to and from the bathroom, I find that I am apparently not quite ready for full time use. There remains a bit too much pain on a lot of weight bearing, so I will continue with the walker and use the cane periodically in the house.

Lunch at the Beach Cafe in Edmonds.

Normally after lunch in Edmonds Bill and I would take a nice walk along the waterfront and through the marina. Well not this time as I am still using the walker. No matter, we had a delightful time together as usual and will be doing our walking at later lunch dates. Bill is my best friend, and his sister Deb once told me that I could share him as a brother. And so I do.

Lunch at Piroshky and Crepes with some of my bicycling buddies. Look at all those beautiful smiles.

This is one of my “hangouts” where I will meet anyone who would like tea & crumpets (or lunch ;’-)). On a regular day I would bike there from home, but once again I loaded up the trusty walker for another driving adventure ;’-). These wonderful friends have been part of my healing battalion, along with many others, with visits, cards, emails, phone calls or texts. I must repeat — I am a lucky gal.

Brenda brought each of us a copy of this important document that she had picked up at the visitor center…

We will see if there is a bike loop to do on this map ;’-). The times they are achangin’.

Getting to watch the two Grands do their gymnastics was a treat for us. I did not take any photos as I was “chair bound”, and Sarah is a bit too busy this week to send me something that she took. I will add photos at a later date.

An update about my healing is that I am healing. I have had a couple of really good, very low pain days, and then a few moderate pain days. That seems to be what the orthopedist told me would be the case. He seems to know his stuff. I remain more upbeat than I thought was possible for me, and I attribute that to all the support, prayers and positive thoughts from so many caring and compassionate friends and family.

I had originally thought that I could transition from the walker to a cane at week 3. Then I was hopeful that would happen in week 4! I did “experiment” a bit at the beginning of week 3 by using the walker like I envisioned using a cane. That was not successful as there was still too much pain in the left, injured, hip area. I suppose it will be week 5!

I reflect back on what the in-hospital ortho told me: do nothing for two weeks; gradually do whatever your pain will allow; let pain be your guide; the second month you can begin LIGHT (he emphasized) work in the gym.

I have followed that (by necessity) right up through now. I was thinking of maybe doing some pool walking and starting that this past weekend (end of week 3). But as I reflect, that is most likely considered “light” exercise and I should more prudently wait until July 1. Or at least June 28!

4 thoughts on “I’m Out to Lunch (x2)”

  1. You are indeed lucky to have such a nice group of friends.
    You are looking well in all these photos.
    You are progressing real well with the healing process.
    Keep it up.



    1. Thanks Meta, I continue working on getting stronger. Pain is my guide as I try out the cane more often. Can only do that for part of the time. I am encouraged that I will heal!!
      Thanks for reading my journal.


  2. You are so brave! Driving a car, putting the walker in, wow! I am impressed! I don’t if there is anything good to be derived from this experience, but you certainly aren’t letting it get you down. So keep up the good work!


    1. Thanks Suzanne — I have such positive people in my life that help me stay more uplifted than I know I would without them! I did have a bit of a self-pity party for myself this morning, but all-in-all things are going ok. Trying to stay above it and pace myself toward more (all of the) healing.
      Thanks for reading the blog, Nancy


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