There’s more…

I had my orthopedist visit today (3 week anniversary of my accident). He was quite thorough, and is the only one who saw this and pointed it out to me —— I have three (3) fractures in that area of the pelvis! THREE! Two of them look much smaller (like little. cracks), but as he said, they are still fractures. The good news he told me, is that my bone mass is good enough to not need hip replacement for 20-40 years!!! Gotta take whatever good I can get!

Things are going ok and I need to continue to take it easy — and no running or jumping. I can manage that. I never do run or jump. ;’-). I can start pool walking whenever I feel up for it. I will wait for probably another week as I still experience pain. I am to keep from putting much pressure on that side so it will continue to heal rather than have any of those fractures “slip” around.

It all makes me feel I should not rush into cane use and should take more time with the walker that allows for less pressure or compression of the area. So I will most likely get the cane when they call, and hold it until later.

He did say that he thinks I will be able to bike in about a month. Here’s hoping that I want to bike again.

Next appointment for xray and visit in 4 weeks.

6 thoughts on “There’s more…”

    1. Kinda good news/bad news. I was surprised to learned I had THREE fractures!! But yes, I am on the mend but slow going until I am up for even pool walking!!!!


  1. Overall good news. You can start biking in 1 month sounds amazing Nancy. Baby steps and the healing will happen. Keep it going!


  2. The best news is that your bone mass is in such good shape and not needing hip replacement in a very long time.
    I am so happy for you.


    1. Yes, I hope I can believe home about the bone mass. I am such a skeptic. Thanks for all your positive and good thoughts Mets. They mean so much to me.


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