Outing #1

I know many if not most are not at all interested in my ongoing story of recovery, but writing about it does a few of things for me. It gives me something to do, gets me back into blogging, and reminds me that I am indeed getting better ;’-)

I did have to discard my helmet..

That is the back of the helmet. Had I not been wearing it, the back of my skull would have been the cracked piece!

I am getting stronger every day and am feeling pretty good. I think in a few days we might close up the sick bay on the middle level and use the upstairs bedroom ;’-). I won’t be going up there several times a day, but should be able to go for sleeping and coming down in the morning (with standby until I feel I don’t need it). Might try that on this weekend if not a day or two before.

I see my doc on Friday, and see the orthopedist on Monday. By then I am hopeful I will be able to use a cane rather than the walker. Right now I would not want to do that due to continued pain on weight bearing, but I am getting around quite well and a lot better with the walker than I had been.

But by next week I feel I will be ok to drive to Edmonds to meet Bill for lunch on Wednesday and to meet Cindy for Tea & Crumpets on Thursday. So things are looking up ;’-).

I had my first outing today. I had not planned to join Susan to meet up with Sarah and the Grands at their dentist, and wait for them to be done as Sarah had an early thing at school this morning. Glad I made the almost last minute decision to do so. We did that, drove them to their respective school and day care, took a side trip to Honda for an item they ended up not having right now! So we were out for at lest three hours, I got to, into and out of the van several times and enjoyed the outing.

Quite something to be excited about going to the Children’s Dentist.

Susan says it was a good confidence builder and I now know I can do that. She’s right. Also, I can see now how people who get injured want to stay in and and then become somewhat of a recluse. Not for me, but it does take energy to get yourself together and get out there in the world.

Inside the dental office is like a jungle.

We did not get a a very good photo of the Grands, but it was grand to see them ;’-)… Even if Jaydon insisted on wearing the fake teeth, Kaitlyn was crouched down to the floor, and Lucy had her back to the camera. But look at me — down on one knee and not holding onto the walker ;’-)

Jaydon was quite cute when he asked when I would be able to bike. I said probably in August and he said, whoa that’s a long time!! Then we talked about the Willapa bike campout coming up next weekend and I said yes, I was going with them but would not be able to ride. He said, that’s going to be really hard! Sensitive kid.

Will have another outing tomorrow, maybe another post about that later ;’-). I am so glad to be feeling a bit more up than I had been for a day or two. No doubt that I will be down again, but that may not happen for a while because I will be too busy ;’-).

4 thoughts on “Outing #1”

    1. Personally i take this as proof of the value of wearing a helmet! Progress is pretty good, but pain seems to move to a different area on different days and i want it all gone!
      I don’t know what the fall challenge will be, but if i am riding agaim I will try to do it.
      Thanks for following along ;’-)


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