The Novelty Has Worn Off …. and so have the drugs

After reading my blog the other day, my friend Jeanne emailed that I seemed “remarkably upbeat”. I attribute that to perhaps the novelty of the event, and the oxycodone I had been taking for pain ;’-).

Things have changed a bit.

A few people have asked how I am doing, so I thought I would do just a little update.

I am still waiting for that orthopedist referral!! Must call AGAIN tomorrow about that. I continue to need the walker for walking and getting around, but am able to get up onto two feet on my own without using the walker. Since they actually had to teach me how to use a walker, I wonder if they will have to teach me how to use a cane.

I’m getting stronger every day, but from my perspective it is not fast enough. The novelty has worn off. I started taking less pain meds and at first that was apparently too much less (is that even possible?). Anyway, I added some back into my day but at a lesser dose. Now I take one only at night to assist me to sleep. That seems to be all I need at this time.

Now that I am taking so little, I have been feeling a little down — or as I say — sad. So the drugs have somewhat worn off too. Depression has not hit and I feel I can keep that at bay by having a few upcoming outings to look forward to. I will save those for another post as there is little for me to post about these days!

Today’s big event… another Shower. YAY!

And this time I made it up and down the stairs with only standby as I scooted on my butt the whole way with no problem. I could not even consider doing that this past Tuesday, so I guess progress is actually happening.

Getting ready — winding up…

Oh, happy success….

Now I must stand up from sitting on the floor at the top…

I did it!!!

I am more able to do things that I could not do just a few days ago (in addition to the butt scoot): make my bed; heat & pour my tea; empty the dishwasher; fix my breakfast. At least I feel I have relieved Susan of a few of the chores she has been saddled with, though she still has to carry things for me.

That about brings everyone up to date.

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