New Socks!

Just as I had replied to a comment that I may need to replace some of my whimsical knee socks, look what Brenda brought me…

Cindy and Brenda, my good biking buddies, stopped by for visiting and we had a grand couple of hours. Cindy brought lunch for us all and Brenda brought dinner for Susan and me. I was glad that Susan was home for this visit and she enjoyed it just as much as I did.

Somewhere in the conversation, the discussion turned to exercise. Brenda mentioned the Hula Hoop. That’s all we needed…

You will note that Brenda is in a “boot” for her left foot. She had a severe break of her ankle and had complex surgery eight weeks ago. She went from a cast and near no mobility to knee scooter and now to crutches. She I were quite the pair today!!

Not to be outdone, Cindy took a “turn” at hooping and did a fantastic show. Susan did not get into the friendly exhibition. but she was the one who brought out the bigger weighted hoop that is supposedly “easier” for adults to master! I cannot put much weight on my left leg yet so I could not try it. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

A most wonderful afternoon!

7 thoughts on “New Socks!”

    1. Oh Meta, you are so right about that! I think I have the world’s greatest friends. And a fantastic family. I have either done something good in my life ,or one of my family did something grand that has brought me these wonderful people.
      Thanks for reading and commenting Meta ;’-)


  1. Love the socks!!!!! Going to take up roller skating next?????
    I have rollerblades but it’s been a couple years since they have been attached to my feet!!!
    Happy you are surrounded with friends! It sure helps!!!
    Cindy C

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    1. Oh I will never roller blade! I never even learned how to skate!
      Aren’t those socks a kick though? Love my friends ;’-) who know me so well!


  2. I haven’t done a hula hoop in probably 50 years!!! Seriously. I was shocked that I could even keep it up for a few seconds, but it came right back to me…kind of like riding a bike, LOL!!! That was SO much fun…thanks to Susan and Nancy for bringing back a childhood memory… and maybe inspiring me to keep hooping for an extra measure of fitness too!

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