Broken Pelvis 5

CHAPTER 5: Mending but not Mended


My world consists of living room, through the kitchen and to the bathroom! My movement consists of doing the route by walker walking; getting in and out of bed; doing 10 minute 3 times a day in-bed PT exercises; lying in bed or sitting in chair. It’s a small world after all!

Entertainment for both me and Susan has mainly been the Women’s College World Championship Softball Tournament. I am not a big follower of softball, or many other sports really, but with the UW in the tournament and making it all the way to the finals, it has been fun. And it has kept Susan happy ;’-).

I am not “at a run”, but walker walking has improved a lot since day one! However, with the pain I feel in that (injured) hip area when putting any weight on it, I have no real idea how I will transition to the next step — a cane. Patience!


I am much stronger to have made it up AND down those 10 steps for the shower. Of course, I was one step with each foot before trying the next one, and with the folded walker for one side stability, the railing for the other side, and Susan behind me for back up!!! I came down the steps in reverse so to keep the (folded) walker on the correct side.

Phew! With all the help, I made it and I feel so refreshed, to say nothing of clean ;’-). Successful shower on this the first day of the second week.

The next thing is to follow up about the referral for orthopedist visit that did not happen as we were told it would. It is a maze and a battle to get continual care and to get each entity to communicate with the other.

Now that I have most likely managed to bore my readers with all this information (and very few photos), I will call these chapters to a close even though I may do some update pages later. I am on the mend now and will continue to search out the patience I need to get to the better end ;’-).

END CHAPTER 5 and The “Book”

6 thoughts on “Broken Pelvis 5”

    1. Thanks you so much Cindy for being such a staunch reader of my blog!!! I shall continue forward on this journey as the medical maze seems the challenge at the moment!


  1. You’re doing great Nancy! I remember most about you are your super cool Biking socks!!!! Keep them out and keep smiling! You’re on the mend and that’s what important! At least you were having fun while you had your unfortunate crash!


    1. Ah yes, a lot of people remember my socks with fondness and a smile. I do love all socks and have worn out a couple so may need some replacements. I will keep those handy for any future riding —- and maybe even for a few outdoor walks!! I might just get out a pair to hang on my walker as a reminder of my goal ;’-)
      Thanks so much for your encouraging words Cindy. Hoping all is well with you.


  2. Ouch! Those stairs look daunting. But then you are braver than I am. A good shower does wonders for one’s outlook on life. You are doing well Nancy. I am proud of you.


    1. I had a lot of back up support that uphill climb!!!! Not quite as difficult as I thought it would be but that is probably because I waited a week!


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