Broken Pelvis 4

CHAPTER 4: Friends and Family are everything

Fortunately I don’t have to rely on the the kindness of strangers. I get tons of help from Susan and lots of encouragement and support from friends and family.

Susan’s sister Mary and her partner Phil stopped by for a visit on the way to an appointment in Edmonds. They live in Eastern Washington in the Bavarian-themed town of Leavenworth. We have spent many wonderful weekends and weeks there and they have invited us to come do some recuperating there when I am up for it. Sounds like just the ticket for us!

I have had many warm, loving and encouraging words from friends and family — by phone, by text, by visits, by cards and by email. I am a lucky gal to have all these loving people in my life.

Yesterday (Monday) marked one week ago that my crash happened. I know I am getting stronger every day, but I do have some back slides sometimes. Fortunately that back and hip worry is now gone (no or very slight pain there at times), but a new pain or an old one peeks out for some attention and it bugs me. My major “mantra” from everyone is “patience — you have had a trauma”. Patience has never been my strong point, but this incident is forcing that upon me.

As I have been healing this past week, I have surprised myself by not getting “depressed” for not being able to do any activity — especially bicycling. I haven’t even had a desire to look at my bike. I’m sure that has to be because I am not ready and have no real inkling that I want to do anything outdoors — especially walker walking! My body is not ready so my mind must be accommodating!

Here is my Healing Room!!

I sleep on one side and “work” on the other ;’-).

Our house is tri-level with bedrooms upstairs. Susan has set up the middle level for my healing days. It has everything but a shower. I have had a few “sponge baths” and am feeling near ready to (with Susan’s strong assist) brave the stairs up to the shower. Will let you now how that goes!


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