Broken Pelvis 3

CHAPTER 3: A Little Downhill Run

Before being discharged to home on Wednesday, I would have some visits from the variety of care staff, have a mid-morning breakfast and… have success in using the walker this morning for a trip to the bathroom. The walk felt better than yesterday. The helping nurse asked if I have used a walker before. I said no — have not ever used a walker nor a bed pan! She said — not things on the bucket list ;’-). And btw — bed pan does not work for me, I had to get up yesterday to use the bedside commode. Doing better all the time, but seem to be very sleepy as I do not get to sleep through many undisturbed hours before someone is next to me with gadgets like BP monitor, thermometer, meds, and asking me my name and birthdate ;’-) And I answer correctly each time. I think I will doze off now.

Here is the email I wrote on my first day at home (Wednesday):

Being home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!!

They may have been giving me more and stronger pain meds at the hospital. I have had a heck of a lot of pain and could barely sleep through the night. Not only the pelvic area, but my low back as well. And moving that (left) leg/hip has been very difficult to impossible without the help of the strap (like a Yoga strap) they sent me home with. Even that is a struggle. Walking even with the walker is hell. Makes me not want to get up for any walk at all, and that is not good. I will keep at it and try my best.

It seems that the progress everyone was so pleased with while I was there has taken a slide down hill. Maybe that is to be expected, but I didn’t expect it! I do have a follow up appointment at Kaiser/Group Health tomorrow morning and I will see how I am doing then too.

Not much energy today as I had little actual sleep, but with the Oxycodone I took earlier the pain is a bit better.

That brings you up to date on my (somewhat lack of) progress.

At discharge on Wednesday, the hospital staff had scheduled a follow up visit for me at my primary care doctor’s office on Friday. What a waste that was!! Waste of time, of co-pay, of painful energy to get there, and of hope for clear communication.

My doctor was not in on that day. So let’s start with the fact that I do not (yet) have Handicap Parking Pass so had to struggle to get out of the car in minimum tight parking space. The Hospital staff told me I had to get said pass from my doctor’s office. This doctor at my doctor’s office said I had to get that OK from my doctor at my next appointment in two weeks. What? I need to struggle to get in here again? Could be that by the time I get the pass, I may not even need it. I need it ———- now!

Time #4 I again responded (to her this time) that I was no longer taking atenolol or Ibuprofen.

This doctor never once introduced herself to either me or Susan and never even shook hands as a greeting. She was intent on filling out the boxes and “paper work” on her computer and not interested in any questions we might have. I was (unfortunately) a bit rude to Susan who tried a couple of times to ask her something as I thought for sure that once the Dr. finished writing something she would turn to us and attend to what we were trying to say (like any other doctor has always done). When Dr. Nogood read my chart and said I have a “mild detached fracture” I tried to ask her a question about that and she furrowed her brow, looked at me and sternly said — didn’t they go over this with you? When Susan tried to clarify about that fracture she was put down as unimportant. Wish I had had as much gumption in me as Susan had a the time, but I didn’t. I’m a Wuss, and find confrontation hard. I tend to think the professional knows what s/he is doing. Susan knows better. And forget “bedside manners”, this doctor has no manners at all!

We left wondering why in the heck we went there. She (or anyone) could have ordered the X-ray I am to have in two weeks, and filled the pain pill prescription by phone. I am more than annoyed with this whole procedure and hope to get to talk to someone about it, even if only my actual primary doctor though she is not the one involved here (unless Kaiser has changed that too!). As pleased as I was in and with Providence is as displeased as I may with my treatment on this day at Kaiser.

Go home and rest some more. Since getting home on Wednesday evening, I have been experiencing lots of pain in my low back and right hip. Not terribly surprising as that is where I am putting most weight during walker walking, and favor my injured left side. But the pain has been so much that I had to resort to taking MORE oxycodone than I want to take.

Knowing I will be seeing my doctor in two weeks (after having an X-ray) , I figured I would deal with this pain and talk with her about it then.

Yesterday (Saturday) a got a follow-up phone call asking about my meds!! Wants to make sure I am not taking too many, and am taking the correct ones. TIME #5 I say that I am NOT taking atenolol or Ibuprofen. Ok he says, that is good to know, I will take that off your list so that your care team will know. Holy Moly!!! For the past 5 —FIVE — TIMES someone has told me the same thing!!! We will see if that happens on my next encounter with someone at Kaiser!!!

But at least my back and hip pain have subsided some. Now trying to alternate with oxy and Tylenol (in case you didn’t know, I am not taking Ibuprofen any more).

Friday sometime was the first I noticed this huge bruise on the inside and a bit back of my left (injured) side.;

It’s a doozy! Doesn’t hurt but sure looks terrible!


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