Broken Pelvis 1

CHAPTER ONE: The Accident Happens

On Monday, May 28, 2018, I had a Fall From Bike! Bottom line is, I fractured my pubic bone.

If only I hadn’t turned around to get a few more miles in for the day. But I had only ridden 6 miles and thought I could go to Serene Lake and home the backroads from there. I stopped and turned around, and rather than ride on the wrong side of the road against traffic, I got up on the sidewalk to be “safe”. A very short distance ahead of me saw one of those big green garbage bins that I was sure I could get around. After all, I have ridden around one of those many times in the past.

This time was different. From the time I actually saw the bin until the moment I looked up to see a gentleman asking me how I was, I have no memory of the actual collision with the monster. It would seem that my handlebar or a pedal or some other part of my bike got caught by the monster and I was down.

I must have knocked myself out briefly and the gentleman standing over me was asking if I needed the Aid Car. As I was saying “I don’t think so”, I was getting up fairly well. Ok, a bit gingerly, but thought I had bruised something or had some other small injury. Two nearby homeowners came from their yard to see if I needed help. They helped me find both my hearing aids that had popped out of my ears, and asked if I wanted to come inside or anything. I said I was ok and would call home for assistance.

I called Susan to come get me and somehow, using my bike for assistance, was able to cross the three lane road to wait for her. By the time she got there (it didn’t take much time as we live close by and she was quick) I could not walk. As Susan was helping me (all but carrying me) to the car, an older couple (not older than me ;’-)) passed by and then turned around and came back to see if we needed help.

Here it is again — living proof that there are MANY more good people out there than we even know. Many more good than bad.

Once home, our neighbor Greg seemed to come from nowhere with a wheelchair and helped wheel me into the house. He has left the chair here for me to use for as long as I need it, and I have used it several times for Susan to get me to the bathroom on painful days!

For quite some time I remained optimistic that this was most likely a ligament strain or some other issue that could wait for attention. The Consulting Nurse encouraged me to go in to be looked at and to possibly get X-rays taken. However, it WAS Memorial Day Monday, traffic was sure to be horrific for the drive to Bellevue or Seattle as that is where she said I needed to go. My Health Clinic was of course closed on this Holiday Monday so she said I needed to go to one of the other sites. I decided I would wait until Tuesday morning as my pain (at least while sitting) was not unbearable. Her attempt to make an appointment for me for X-ray on Tuesday was not successful so she said to call her back later and they (consulting nurses) could help with that.

I called the second consulting nurse a few hours later to request that appointment. I was told that no, she could not make that appointment because schedulers were too busy to do that. She said I should go to walk in emergency for X-ray now —— at Bellevue or Seattle.

Again, I refused and noted I would wait until “tomorrow”.

Hours later I was in a lot of pain and called a third nurse, Susan and I steeling ourselves for the drive to Bellevue. Oh she said — you can go to Providence Hospital for X-ray and to be looked at. HUH??? Why didn’t one of the other nurses tell me this hours and hours ago??

Providence is about twelve miles and little traffic from our house! Kaiser has a contract with Providence and I could go there for care. Dang, I could have/would have done that much earlier.


4 thoughts on “Broken Pelvis 1”

    1. Thanks Cindy. I know I am on the mend, but oh boy!! Not fast enough. I have more chapters that I will be adding with time. I am at least feeling like blogging!!


  1. A few more details I hadn’t heard yet… how amazing that so many were there and so willing to help you out, including the neighbor with the wheelchair! What absolute angels! It does make one extra thankful for the good folks in this world.


    1. I am just now seeing this reply CIndy. Indeed, good people abound! The violent news that we get bombarded with seems to cloud our thoughts, but truly there are many many more that want to help than to harm.


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