In my defense, I attempted to post this about a month ago and the site went down and I lost an entire page with several photos. Needless to say, I was not happy, and not ready to try again right away. I think it is all ok now with my communication with the folks at support and help. Let’s hope!!

Even then, this report of my weekend in Ellensburg with the Badlands Four was late. But you know what they say about being late rather than never ;’-).

Badlands Four: Bette-Ann, Nancy, Brenda, Linda

Just about two weeks after our return home from the adventurous tour of the Mickleson Trail in South Dakota, we loaded up again for our trip to the Eastern Washington town of Ellensburg. We had previously signed up for the Manastash Century/Half Century Metric bicycle ride.

We got there a day early to check into our motel and to have a highlight before even beginning the event. Brenda’s brother Glen lives in Ellensburg and was more than willing to take us on a bike tour of his town. What a treat. My only regret is that I did not get a photo of Glen. We will have to do this adventure with him again!

We walked around town looking for a place to have lunch while we waited for Glen to join us for the riding part. We found our walk to be very interesting and quite colorful.

These ornaments and decorations have been here for years, and I think there is more added periodically.

We were now on the search for the “Daily Bread” cafe that Linda had learned is a great place to eat. We walked and walked but it eluded us. Unknowingly, we were within about two blocks of it when we spotted the church cafe that would provide with a great meal.

As we walked out after lunch, Glen was right there with his bike to be our tour guide for the day. We rode all around town without very much in hills and got a thorough introduction to Ellensburg. Riding through Central Washington University (CWU) gave us a true perspective of the growing campus.

Continuing on we got an inside tour of the fairgrounds where the annual Rodeo is held.

It was fun to ride through all the back area of the grounds.

A few more miles through town and we would head back to the motel to shower and dress for our date with Glen and his wife for dinner in town. But first a stop to visit the horse. Made all of tree debris.

I’m going to post this now before I lose it all! Day 2 coming up later. ;’-)

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