Coffee/teaneuring Challenge 2017

This year I chose to add the theme of ‘tea without walls with a water view’. No one has to have theme to participate in this annual challenge, but it is becoming a more popular thing to do.

There are several rules (maybe about 12!), but it boils down to doing 7 coffee/tea rides in 7 weeks to a different place each week with no more than two in a week. And document your outing with details of the stop, and photos.

Let the season begin!!! Teaneuring #1

Theme: Tea Without Walls, With a Water View


Lake Serene, Lynnwood WA

Moroccan Mint Tea
21 miles

An added highlight — the three boys that were fishing off the edge. We had some good interaction and I really enjoyed these boys. They were very welcoming to me when I asked if they minded if I took up part of their beach. When I was packing up to leave they were surprised and asked “are you leaving already?”

Teaneuring #2

Lake Ballinger, Mountlake Terrace, WA


Japanese Sencha Tea

34 miles

I “roped in” my very good friend Cindy to accompany me on a ride today and made it a pleasant teaneurring day. We each thought we might be a little overdressed for the 45 degree day, but ended up peeling off only long fingered gloves. We were in perfect layers ;’-). Not many people at the lake other than a family with two little boys who chased the ducks ;’-(.

Teaneuring #3


Silver Lake, Everett WA

Sencha Green Tea

22 miles
Astrid had suggested a meet up and we invited Cindy to join us. This may be the last dry day for several rain days to come. It was clouding up dluring our afternoon tea, and again, no real visitors other than the ducks!

Teaneuring #4

Lake Washington from Matthews Beach, Seattle WA


Pink Green Snail Tea (appropriate for Halloween)

17 miles

My good friends Cindy & Linda joined me for this outing and the sun we expected for at least part of the day did not appear. Cloudy and cool for our ride on the trail; we enjoyed the crunch of dry leaves under our wheels; liked watching the cormorant sitting atop a floating buoy drying its wings; got a surprise as a flock of Canada Geese landed on the lake not far from us; loved sitting together with our hot drinks, snacks and good chatting; were entertained by a few Halloween decorations along the way.

Teaneuring Without Walls with a Water View #5

Lake Cassidy, Lake Stevens WA


Kirkland (Costco Brand) Green Tea

24 Miles

Weather forecasters were of course wrong for today. The rain/snow to come in toNIGHT, hit us about 4 miles from the end of our ride. Kathy R and Cindy were good to join me on this day, cold enough for those packets of hand and foot warmers! We ignored the weather and enjoyed our time together and on our bikes! Life is good. In addition to our stop at the lake, we took a new to us turn and found the old cemetery in Machias.

Without Walls with a Water View

Teaneuring #6

Possession Sound, Everett Marina WA


Gen Maicha tea (from home)
13 miles

I heard something chasing me. Sounded like the toenails of a dog, or many dogs! I slowed and turned my head to see what it was. What was chasing me was a street full of dry leaves dancing in the wind.

Teaneuring without walls with a water view #7

North Puget Sound from Harborview Park in Everett WA


Yunnan Green Tea

20 miles

And thus ends my challenge for 2017.

This theme of Water View has been quite a challenge: figuring out where to go for 7 different views; the time it takes to get there; planning and packing for the ride; finding a decent weather day that will fit into your schedule! So I give a tip of the hat to Annie Follett who does this for every coffeeneurring challenge. Annie was the inspiration to do my own water view theme so I thank you Annie. Not that I won’t add a water view in the future, but this year will be the only year I use this as a theme!

Thank you Mary for another fun year of challenge; thank you Annie for the inspiration; thank you all participants for making this such fun.

Narbeck Wetland Sanctuary

2 thoughts on “Coffee/teaneuring Challenge 2017”

  1. Well, no wonder I couldn’t find this post and pictures on the Coffeeneuring page, it was on your blog, LOL! Lovely pictures and lovely descriptions, I was glad I got to be a little part of it. Fun times. 🙂


    1. I did post on fb after each outing, but have just now gotten them all on my blog. I am still behind here as I have yet to post about our Manastash weekend in Ellensburg. We’ll see when I can get to that!


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