One More Event

This will be short, but I would be remiss if I did not include it to wind up this trip.

The Prius has a slight limp as she makes her way to the repair bay.

After breakfast and loading our luggage into the car we were ready to roll. Well — not quite, as it turned out. 

The dashboard display showed that we had a tire issue. Bette-Ann hopped out to walk around and look at each tire until she came to the issue — a flat on the rear driver’s side.

Not enough to put us on the rim, so we drove from the motel to the Free Air offered at the Conoco station just around the corner. My regret is that I was not yet thinking quickly enough to hop out for a photo of the insertion of air. Bette-Ann (again) started to pump us up with just a bit of resistance from the pump when a young gal from inside the station came out to help. I’m sure she thought of us as the little old ladies from Pasadena, but her kindness was exemplary.

Our princess in shining armor told us the way to the nearby tire store and assured us we could make it there safely so off we went to find it.

Waiting in the typical tire store waiting room

Here too, the service was outstanding. The cashier entered all of Linda’s information into the computer and drove the car into the garage. And YAY, we did not need a new tire. They found a sliver of wood — or thorn maybe — in the tire. 

Happy Linda for fairly good news of minor tire repair.

As we were paying for the repair, the cashier said his wife (I’m assuming on the phone) was curious as to what these white haired ladies were doing out in the world of travel. We explained our bike tour and he was adequately impressed.

Being the only customers in the tire store on this morning, we were out of there quite quickly. We had a short back track drive to Claire’s house to pick up Brenda’s charger that she had forgotten when we stayed there on the outbound trip. THEN we were on the road again. That was Billings, no rooms in Missoula (our somewhat planned destination), so we are in Wallace ID for the last leg of the trip. Home tomorrow. (Today actually)

THIS will be my final post for this trip. (Unless another event happens ;’-)

2 thoughts on “One More Event”

    1. We had a fantastic time Cindy! Thanks for all your supportive and overly welcome comments. It is so nice to hear from our dear friends ;’-). We too looked at the good side of the flat tire timing! Home now — maybe see you soon.


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