Homeward Bound

We say farewell to Outlaw Ranch with a feather in our caps for having completed the entire 109 mile Mickelson Trail.

Linda promised to stop for the welcome sign on the way OUT. And Phil said he would wait to change the sign until he saw that we had the photo ;’-)

Phil with the sign he had hand painted that will welcome the new group to Outlaw Ranch

We all had a grand time at the Ranch and on our bikes. The staff was outstanding in their helpfulness, patience, knowledge and caring. Now it was time to start our drive home. 

Given a choice of post ride afternoon outings the other day, three of us had opted for the Crazy Horse outing and Brenda had chosen the drive through Needles Highway. We each were happy with our choice and Brenda wanted us to see at least one view that she so appreciated. We took a little spur off the highway to enjoy Sylvan Lake which is at one end of the Needles. 

Note we still have blue sky

No time to drive the entire Needles Highway, we returned to continue our drive toward home — until we (they) spotted the Rock Shop.

Brenda and Bette-Ann are real rock hounds

… but Linda also found something (unrtesistable) inside the shop. After rock hounding we plotted the map for out next stop at Devils Tower. 

In 1906, President Teddy Roosevelt designated Devils Tower as the nation’s first national monument.

Note our blue sky has disappeared ;’-(

Due to time constraints we did not walk any of the trail around the Tower, but took a little stroll to the base before looking into the visitor center and gift shop.

On the way out of the Monument we chatted with these little guys.

This will most likely end my blogging for this trip as we are now driving straight for home with no more planned trourist stops. If we do something on a whim I will be back for another post. To those who have been reading and following along, thanks for joining us as it is always nice to know you are with us.

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