Rochford to Deadwood

My morning view off our porch.

Then the walk to the Dining Hall for breakfast.

A longer drive today to reach our trailhead in Rochford for a slightly longer bike ride. I took this photo of Roger who is our lead bike guy and sweep on the rides. He reminds me so much of our friend John L, not only in looks and build, but in his gentle and kind manner.

We gather up and saddle up for our ride to Deadwood.

See the 82.6 mile mark — we will end at the 109 mark in Deadwood

We had one tunnel today — dark but not bad as you could “see the light at the end of the tunnel”.

Linda and Brenda, out of the tunnel and onto the trail

There are gates along the trail. Sometimes open (leave them open), most times closed (close them after you).

Keep an eye on those clouds Bette-Ann is riding toward

Those clouds built as we neared Deadwood, and the rain hit us at bout six miles from town. We each and all got soaked. Fortunately we had the foresight to bring along dry clothing to change into. Some of us changed in the back of the bus, Linda had wet and cold feet and no dry socks. We walked to the dollar store where she found not only socks — but sandals. Well, more like pool shoes, but dry!

Fashion statement. And this without her new “shoes”

We walked around town a little and our gamblers (Bette-Ann and Brenda) hit some slots to win a few dollars. Deadwood legalized gaming in 1998 as a way to get revenue to refurbish the town as well as draw the tourists. It was built during a lawless time until a great law enforcer (I do not remember his name but will try to update this with it later) was elected sheriff and “cleaned up the lawlessness.

Brenda contemplates this gaming house (there is one on every corner, and many in every block)
Bodegas, saloons and gaming houses — that’s Deadwood

Our buffet dinner at the Silverado was quite good with lots of choices and fresh food. Now for the long drive home.

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