Custer to Hill City

Today we ride.

This photo will have to do until we drive out of the Ranch and Linda stops for the entrance photo. We’ll use that on as a farewell to Outlaw Ranch.

We were driven to town for the start of out first ride on the Mickelson Trail.

Our cycling weather couldn’t have been better – 70s, blue sky and sun. Not a lot of wildlife spotted, but Linda had a deer leap cross the trail about 10 feet in front of her.

They support us very well each day on the trail. Before our lunch stop (which they carry for us),. We have at least one rest stop along the way. 

Water, Gatorade, bananas, potty and rest break.
My steed with another steed

On Wednesday evening we will visit Crazy Horse Monument, on today’s route we got a glimpse of the stone carving.

Our leader’s planned today’s route to be short so to acclimate us to the elevation. On our gradual climb, we would reach 6200 feet today. The end of our day’s ride brought us to Hill City where there is a Bike Shop!! We four Badlands Babes had a grand time picking out shirts with the trail map on the back. What color? Which size is best? Short sleeve or long sleeve? On and off the shirts came as we tried them on over the tee shirts we were wearing. Back to the rack for another choice — how does this look? Though the decisions were difficult, we eliminated one of them and each bought a short and a long sleeve. We weren’t the only ones in the shop, as others made their purchases with a lot less grandeur!

We passed by the 1880 railroad station museum on the 10 minute walk to the Bike Shop and though we didn’t have time to look around the old station and trains, I took this photo for my friend John D.

Back at the Ranch, after our day of cycling, there were choices for afternoon activities: canoeing, horseback ride, hike, nap, a trip into town. Each one of us “Babes” were sure we would choose one of these, and three of us decided on the nap — or at least a relaxing afternoon with leisurely shower time. Brenda was going for the hike but once out the door decided on the horseback ride. After all — she has the hat.

No one was with her to take of photo ON the horse so I at least got one WITH the horse.

After this very full day, and after dinner, our outing was for a visit to Mount Rushmore. Before we even got to the entrance we stopped to see Washington in the mountains.

We then drove on to the entrance and had some time to walk around before the evening program.

Presidents Washington, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt, Lincoln

The evening program presented a film about these men who worked (and fought) to develop and maintain a unified country. It was a very moving ceremony for these presidents and was emotional as well. At the end of the film. They asked for all military  veterans in the audience to come forward onto the stage — also a very moving experience, and then to take park in the folding of the flag.

The end of the film they lighted up the rock carvings.

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