Sturgis and Custer

Motorcycles, Butterflies and Buffalo

Being the tourists that we are, we had a good long stop in Sturgis (motorcycle town). The town was what one might call “dead” on this Sunday morning, but as Brenda said — just like we like it. Walking around town we stopped in a few shops and some of us even bought something ;’-).

This mural photo gives. an indication of how full and busy (and loud) the town gets during the annual motorcycle rally in August.

The banner welcomes “riders” and we figure we’re riders…

But the Street name told who the real riders were that the town welcomes.

There seems to have been a recent butterfly hatch in town as we enjoyed visiting the many that were flying around the gardens we passed.

We hit just about every shop that was open and looked at every piece of kitcsh that was there, buying just a few items. Then it was time to move on. The sales person at one of the shops told us about the buffalo at Deer Butte State Park so off we went.

We were warned…

We laugh and criticize people doing such things! But with the buffalo at quite a distance and fenced in, we figured we could grab Brenda in the nick of time.

There is an “Indian” Education Center in the park but we could not take photos because everything is considered sacred. None of us knew this and there were no signs to tell us. We were told, after the fact, by the young attendant to not take any photos so we each put away our camera. Too bad as there were some good things to take pictures of.

I had a photo of some trees along the walking trail with cloths tied around them. Out of respect (and to obey the rule we did not know was there at the time), I deleted the photo.

We continued our drive through Fort Meade which is now a VA Hospital. The grounds are expansive and the houses are now used for VA Hospital kinds of things as well as classrooms for some military learning (we think). The stone buildings are very nice.

On to Custer to meet our tour. There is a great sign as we enter into Outlaw Ranch (our tour headquarters) but Linda, after making requested stops all along this trip, did not stop for a photo this time. Too anxious to now enter our destination. I will get one today and include that in the riding start of this trip.

4 thoughts on “Sturgis and Custer”

  1. Nancy, it was good of you to respect the request of the indians to not take photos and delete the ones you already had taken. I was glad to see you mention the butterflies as we have noticed as well an increase of butterflies here in our area. My yard is full of them and after having experienced such a decline in butterflies over the years it is gratifying to see their return. I am glad to see too that Brenda apparently got back in the car in one piece. Buffaloes are nothing to mess around with. 🐃 I am enjoying your travel report.


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  2. Brenda say you are so perceptive!
    Thanks for you message and for reading the blog. We are having a great time and know you would be too if you were with us ;’-). I know you are having your own grand time, so continue on and good travels.


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